A Revisit | 浮光

Drama 劇情


Production Stage
In-Development 發展中

Total Budget
US$ 51,000

Goal 參與目標
Script Refining, Funds

Logline 故事摘要
In her pursuit of her grandmother’s approval, a university student debates reporting her cousin’s bullying to the police. As they unearth old resentments amidst new grievances, delicate bonds of family ties are being tested.
一位曾在兒時遭受侵犯的 23 歲女學生試圖協助在校遭受欺凌的表弟報案,卻遭到外婆的反對,親情之間的新仇舊恨湧上各自心頭。

Synopsis 故事大綱
Years after a sexual assault incident from her high school teacher, college student Junxi approaches a counsellor for the first time, only to receive an unfavourable response. Shortly after, an unexpected call from her estranged grandmother resulted in a duty to handle her younger cousin’s school fight case. Junxi discovers her cousin’s secret voice recording which reveals the school may have misled her; packaging the bullying incident as a mere schoolyard squabble to downplay the event. Her grandmother’s habitual avoidance towards both the bullying and sexual assault incident has caused friction between Junxi and her. As Junxi navigates the dilemma to protect her cousin, she grapples with confronting her past trauma.


Director’s Statement 導演闡述
A few years ago, I saw an anonymous post on a Facebook discussion group. It told the story of a woman who was sexually abused by her uncle during her adolescence. She bravely asked her family for help, but they ignored her. As an adult, she was still forced to take on the responsibility of taking care of her family. Even though her family did not give her the respect and care she deserved, she felt angry and hurt but helpless.
This post touched me deeply, because my growing environment also brought me similar feelings, and I also realised that there are value conflicts between different generations that are difficult to understand. For example, there are different views on family responsibilities and personal values. These conflicts often hurt individuals, causing internal conflicts and hindering personal growth.
I created A Revisit precisely to explore how the frameworks we set for ourselves, in addition to those given to us by others, can hurt us. I hope this story can provoke people’s thinking about value conflicts and help us break free from self-imposed limitations.


Director & Screenwriter 導演及編劇

Chu Hoi Ying 朱凱濙
Graduated from the School of Film and Television with a Master of Fine Arts degree at Hong Kong Baptist University. The short film 3 Generations 3 Days won awards such as Best Director and the Fresh Wave Award at the 13th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival, Best Live Action Short Film at the 56th Golden Horse Film Festival, and Best Live Action Short Film at the 2019 South Taiwan Film Festival.

香港浸會大學電影學院藝術碩士學位畢業。短片作品《紅棗薏米花生》獲得 2019 鮮浪潮國際短片節最佳導演與鮮浪潮大獎、第 56 屆金馬獎最佳劇情短片、2019台灣南方影展最佳劇情短片等獎項。

Producer 監製

Angelina Bok 莫惠雯
A film producer from Singapore, an alumna of the Rotterdam Lab at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Busan Asian Film School (AFiS), the NAFF Fantastic Film School at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN), and the Full Circle Lab in the Philippines.

新加坡電影製片人。鹿特丹影展「製片培育工作坊 (Rotterdam Lab)」、釜山亞洲電影學校 (AFiS)、富川國際奇幻影展 NAFF Fantastic Film School 及菲律賓Full Circle Lab的校友。

Screenwriter & Composer 編劇及配樂

Ivy Shen 沈俞樺
Selected as a producer for the Asian Film Academy (AFiS) in Busan, the Rotterdam Lab at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Ties That Bind workshop by EAVE for EurAsian co-production, and the Impact Lab at the Cannes Film Festival.

以製片人身分入選釜山亞洲電影學院 (AFiS)、鹿特丹影展「製片人工作坊 (Rotterdam Lab)」、EAVE 歐亞合製工作坊 (Ties That Bind) 及康城影展影響力工作坊 (Impact Lab) 。