New technology and social media have profoundly changed the development of the creative industries. Local filmmakers are becoming more conscious of their autonomy in creativity and production, and have broadly adopted the mentality of “trial for final”. However, there is a lack of support on how they achieve self-management, initiate collaboration and development, enter the industry and make connections internationally. It is time for the new generation of Hong Kong filmmakers to break out of the old ways of thinking and create new possibilities, hence the Eye Catcher, Renaissance Foundation’s new project for 2021, was born.

Eye Catcher explores new perspectives and possibilities in filmmaking, production and distribution. It provides opportunities for the new generation of filmmakers to expand their projects, encourage self-betterment, and facilitate networking and funding. The programme endeavours to encourage the spirit of self-producing, stimulate the creative potential of the community across different disciplines, and strengthen the connection in the movie industry between Hong Kong, Asia and the world.



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