Elysa WENDI is an independent curator, artist and filmmaker working in between Hong Kong and Singapore. She co-founded ‘Cinemovement’ — a platform for inter-disciplinary film creation together with film producer Jeremy CHUA in 2015. She now works as curator for ‘Jumping Frames – Hong Kong International Movement-image Festival’ and is currently exploring her works in film, photography, and performance.

葉奕蕾,策展人、獨立影像創作者,現於香港及新加坡兩地工作。她在2015年與電影監製蔡绍勇創立了Cinemovement ──集合跨媒介影片創作的平台。現時為「跳格 — 香港國際舞蹈影像節」策展人,游走於影像創作、展演與策劃的工作。

Elysa WENDI 葉奕蕾

Singapore / Hong Kong