LIU has produced many independent and commercial films since 2000 including Butterfly (2004), the Opening Film at Venice Film Festival Critics Week, and August Story (2006), the best film at the South Taiwan Film Festival. Her recent works include The Secret Diary of a Mom to Be, which was nominated for the Asia Future section of the Tokyo International Film Festival, and Tracey which was nominated for Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Horse Awards (2018).

由2000年起為多部獨立及商業電影任監製,包括威尼斯影展影評人雙周開幕電影《蝴蝶》(2004)、台南電影節最佳電影《八月的故事》(2006)。近年參與作品包括:入圍東京國際電影節「亞洲未來」單元《Baby復仇記》; 獲金馬獎最佳男配角獎及最佳女配角提名《翠絲》(2018);香港電影發展基金融資項目《逆流大叔》(2018) ;大阪國際電影節「觀眾大獎」及「最佳新進演員獎」《骨妹》(2017);香港動作片傳奇導演林嶺東作品《沖天火》(2016) ;柏林影展泰迪熊獎三強入圍《無聲風鈴》(2009) 等等。

Jacqueline LIU 廖婉虹

Hong Kong