Jeremy CHUA is the General Manager of the Singapore International Film Festival. In 2014, he founded Singapore-based independent film label Potocol as a creative house to produce films, videos, installations and artwork for distinctive Asian auteurs. His work as producer include Some Rain Must Fall by QIU Yang (Encounters Jury Prize Berlinale 2024), Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell by PHAM Thien An (Cannes Camera d’Or 2023), Tomorrow is a Long Time by JOW Zhi Wei (Berlinale 2023), Last Shadow at First Light by Nicole Midori WOODFORD (San Sebastian 2023), Autobiography by Makbul MUBARAK (FIPRESCI Venice 2022), Glorious Ashes by Bui Thac CHUYEN (Nantes Golden Balloon 2022), Rehana Maryam Noor by Abdullah Mohammad SAAD (Cannes UCR 2021), A Family Tour by YING Liang (Opening Film International Competition Locarno 2018), A Yellow Bird by K. RAJAGOPAL (Cannes Critics’ Week 2016) and A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery by Lav DIAZ (Silver Bear Berlinale 2016). 
CHUA is an alumnus of EAVE Ties That Bind 2013, Produire au sud 2015, Berlinale Talents 2017, SEAFIC 2017 and Torino Film Lab 2018. He has worked under Marco MÜLLER as a programmer at the Pingyao International Film Festival 2017 – 2023. In 2023, he was awarded the FIAPF Award for Outstanding Contribution to Asia Pacific Cinema by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations.

現任新加坡國際電影節總經理。蔡紹勇於2014 年創立了新加坡獨立電影品牌 Potocol,為獨具特色的亞洲創作者製作電影、錄像、裝置和藝術作品。他亦曾為多部電影擔任監製,包括:邱陽的《空房間裏的女人》(2024年柏林國際電影節奇遇單元評委特別獎)、范天恩的《霧中潛行》(2023 年康城影展金攝影機獎)、姚志衛的《明天比昨天長久》 (2023年柏林影展)、Nicole Midori WOODFORD的《Last Shadow at First Light》(2023年西班牙聖塞巴斯提昂國際電影節),馬克布穆巴拉克(Makbul MUBARAK)的《獨裁的豢養》(Autobiography)(2022年威尼斯影展影評人費比西獎)、裴碩專的《燃燼》(Glorious Ashes)(2022年法國南特三洲影展最佳電影獎)、Abdullah Mohammad SAAD的《別碰我的灰色地帶》(Rehana Maryam Noor)(2021年康城影展一種關注單元)、應亮的《自由行》(2018年盧卡諾影展國際競賽單元開幕影片)、K. RAJAGOPAL的《一隻黃鳥》(A Yellow Bird)(2016年康城影展影評人選單元),以及Lav DIAZ的《A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery》(2016年柏林影展銀熊獎)。
此外,蔡紹勇也是EAVE Ties That Bind 2013、Produire au sud 2015、Berlinale Talents 2017、SEAFIC 2017和Torino Film Lab 2018的學員。自2017至2023年間,他在平遙國際電影展跟隨 Marco MÜLLER 擔任選片人。2023 年,他獲國際電影製片人協會(FIAPF)授予亞太電影傑出貢獻獎(FIAPF Award for Outstanding Contribution to Asia Pacific Cinema)。

Jeremy CHUA 蔡紹勇