Jia ZHAO is a Chinese-Dutch film producer based in Amsterdam. She founded MUYI FILM and SILK ROAD FILM SALON in 2012. The latter is co-founded with Afghan-Dutch film director Aboozar Amini and has as primary focus on regions along the ancient trade route Silk Road. Jia is fluent in Chinese, Japanese, English and Dutch. Coming from Asia and based in Europe, Jia skillfully matches resources from the East and West to nurture and mentor emerging voices and to bring authentic stories to the world in high cinematic quality. In 2021, A Marble Travelogue by Sean Wang was selected for IDFA Frontlight and I’m So Sorry (co-producer) by Zhao Liang for the Cannes film festival. From 2015 to 2019 her works Mr. Hu and the Temple, Fallen Flowers Thick Leaves, Lady of the Harbour, Kabul, City in the Wind, Smog Town (co-producer) have been shortlisted for IDFA Competition section for five times in a row, with Kabul, City in the Wind being the opening film for IDFA 2018, and awarded Special Jury Award for First Appearance Competition. In 2019, Inner Landscape was chosen as the closing film for IFFR2019. Her work The Crow Is Beautiful (co-director) was selected for IDFA 2017 Masters.

趙佳是一位居於阿姆斯特丹的華裔荷蘭電影監製。她在 2012 年創辦了 MUYI FILM,並與荷蘭籍阿富汗導演 Aboozar Amini 共同創辦SILK ROAD FILM SALON,關注絲綢之路地域的電影發展。趙佳精通中文、日文、英文與荷蘭語。來自亞洲,扎根歐洲,她融匯東西方的資源以培養和發掘新銳的人才,製作高質素的影視作品。2021 年,王申的《石史詩》入選阿姆斯特丹國際紀錄片節(IDFA)Frontlight 單元,趙亮的《無去來處》(聯合製作)入選康城電影節。2015 年至 2019 期間,她的作品《胡先生和廟》、《落下花長滿葉》、《芳舟》、《風中之城喀布爾》、《Smog Town》(聯合監製)連續五次入圍 IDFA 競賽 單元,其中《風中之城喀布爾》更是IDFA 2018年的開幕電影,並獲得評審特別獎。2019 年,作品《內心風景》被選為IFFR 2019的閉幕電影。她的作品《烏鴉是美麗的》(聯合導演)入選IDFA 2017 年大師單元。

Jia ZHAO 趙佳