Chan co-founded “YAMANYAMO” with WY CHAN in 2010, which is a studio that creates in a strong visual style, creating TV commercials, online videos, music videos and fashion videos. In 2018, he was nominated for the Best Music Video Award at the 29th Golden Melody Awards for his directing of Waa WEI’s Yuki Onna. In 2021, he was nominated at the Fantasia Festival and awarded with the Best Sci-Fi Short Film and more at several international film festivals for his directing of Anima Possession

2010 年與陳偉文 (WY CHAN) 共同成立「YAMANYAMO 也文也武」,一所映像風格強烈的創意工作室,創作範籌包括電視廣告,網路短片,MV 及時裝錄像等。2018 年憑執導 MV——魏如萱《雪女》入圍第 29 屆金曲獎最佳音樂錄影帶獎。2021 年憑自編自導的電影短片《離魂暗逐》入圍「加拿大奇幻影展」,並在多個國際影展奪得最佳科幻短片等殊榮。

Mo CHAN 陳偉武

Hong Kong