CraSEAy CleanUppers | 淨灘瘋人院

Documentary 紀實


Production Stage
Work-in-Progress 製作中

Total Budget
US$ 155,128

Goal 參與目標
Funds, (Co-)producer

Logline 故事摘要
Finding joy in sorting trash and finding healing in the impossible work until the day when cleaning the sea is no longer needed.

Synopsis 故事大綱
CraSEAy CleanUppers is a group of strangers that came together for a singular goal, to rid the sea of marine debris. Every week, come rain or shine, they discover hidden coves and shores covered with polystyrene and plastic, and they clear each piece out by hand. They sort through hidden treasures and document every item they find. In the process of cleaning the sea, they themselves learn and heal under the tutelage of nature.


Director’s Statement 導演闡述
At first I was only curious, I followed their expeditions time and time again and observed how they would document and account for each item found. I realise that the debris is an inseparable part of our daily lives. 
Cleaning up the shores with them is like a practice, a way to recover our relationship with nature, and a way to restore our relationship with each other. The trash carries traces of our existence and evidence of what we choose to leave behind on earth. 
I see the relationship between myself and this debris. Through this film, I hope that everyone else will also see our position and our obligation to the environment.


Director 導演

Tsang Kam Shan 曾錦山
Hong Kong independent documentary filmmaker. He has completed the Film Professionals Training Programme (HKIVE), and has attended different documentary master classes organised by Visible Record and Hong Kong Documentary Initiative. In 2013, he started filming documentaries on various topics. His works have been featured by international and local media including VICE News, RTHK, Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) Television, NHK and PTS.

香港獨立紀錄片工作者,電影專業培訓計劃畢業,曾參與由采風電影及香港紀錄片拓展計劃舉辦的的紀錄片大師班。2013年起開始拍攝紀錄片,獨立製作紀錄短片有《郵差》、《寶光》、《一罩難求》,作品曾在 VICE News、香港電台、日本TBS、日本放送協會、台灣公共電視上放映。

Sound Designer 聲音設計

Chan Sze Yuen 陳思遠
Engaged in sound recordist and sound post-production work. Chan has been engaged in music creation since 2012 and became interested in the relationship between sound and music. Sound recordist works include Take us to the island, Cinema Quietude, Sunflower, and Between Two Ears. Sound design works include Walk Along The Wall and Sunflower.

從事現攝錄音和聲音後期工作。於2012年起從事音樂創作,對聲音與音樂的關係產生興趣 。現場收音作品包括《無依》、《無影之地》、《斜陽》及《兩耳》 。聲音設計作品包括《十二點前我要返屋企》及《斜陽》。