Creativity Camp

The creativity camp invites guests and speakers to inspire participants’ imagination, stimulate their creative energy and expand their community connections. Creators from drama, documentary, experimental, animation and other creative disciplines will be divided into groups, all interacting with mentors to complete short films within the camp.

Inheriting the artistic practice of the Renaissance Summer Camp, the camp aims to break the boundaries between different genres, to realise the creative potential and to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration. In this four or five-day creativity camp, local pioneering creators will present their works and share their experiences through Talks, Workshops, Exploration of Filmmaking Nights and Open Cinema.



Creative Videos Showcase

Campers would screen their creative videos they brainstormed and finished during the camp, and vote for their favourite ones.


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Open Cinema

Participants can sign up to screen their work at the Open Cinema and exchange ideas with fellow participants.


Creative Workshops

Mentors lead the teams to work in groups on creating interdisciplinary works (such as music and body movement), aiming to stimulate creative potential. Towards the end of the workshop, there will be a screening session and an award presentation. Sound design and cinematography professionals will be invited to share their experiences from real-life examples and creative perspectives.

跨界創作工作坊由創意導師帶領,分組進行跨界創作(音樂、形體),激發創作潛能, 最後設有展映及頒獎環節。更邀請業內音效、攝影從業人員,以真實案例、從創作角度交流分享經驗。

Screenings & Sharings

On the nights of the camp, enjoy classic films and the latest award-winning works, interact with the masters about their creative journeys, explore the use of Virtual Reality and other technologies in visual work creation.

在影像探索之夜裏,欣賞經典電影及最新得獎作品,與大師及新晉影像創作人對談創作之路; 探索虛擬實境 VR 等技術在影像創作上的應用。


Filmmakers of the new generation share their views on creativity, the concepts of story development and different types of visual creation.