Dance Atop the Wasteland | 荒原樓上一支舞

Drama 劇情


Production Stage
In-Development 發展中

Total Budget
US$ 19,154

Goal 參與目標
Funds, Distribution Partner, Festival Screening

Logline 故事摘要
Three loving friends escaped a party to witness New Year’s fireworks, venturing into the wasteland and each other’s boundary, imagining one day to make a home on this declining land.

Synopsis 故事大綱
How may one shine brilliance in a declining land? Wood, a pure and kind-hearted girl, and Oscar, a goofy yet loyal friend, fled the party together, led by the sharp but introverted Jeet, venturing across abysses and breaking into a derelict construction site in the wilderness, all to catch a glimpse of the New Year’s Eve fireworks from the best vantage point.

As they waited for the new year in the room, the three discussed the sense of displacement they felt in this city and within their families. Their mood sank deeper. Wood suggested how they would decorate this place if they were to live together, sparking excitement as they danced, feeling each other’s warm breath in the cold night, using dance to test the boundaries of their relationships and explore the unforeseen sexual tension.
The fireworks roared in the distance, which prompted them to dash to the rooftop, only to find the view obstructed by the buildings across, yet at that moment, they were the happiest trio in the city.

我們如何在沒落的土地上璀璨地活著?率性善良的女孩阿木和傻勁又有義氣的 Oscar,一同逃離派對,在敏銳內向的男孩拞衫帶領下,冒險跨過深淵,闖入在荒地的爛尾樓地盤,只為在最佳位置一睹除夕煙花。

Director’s Statement 導演闡述
During my study abroad, I had just ended a long-distance relationship and then my childhood home was suddenly sold by my family. This parted me with the space that nurtured me without a farewell, roots connecting me and the soil were gone. This sense of loss made me burn myself out with indulgent distractions.

With my time here in Hong Kong ticking away, I wanted to explore facets of the city that I hadn’t known before. The most interesting way to do that was to gather a group of similarly lost friends and hit the streets, reigniting the desire to live here.
But first, I wanted to make a film in which the audience could deeply connect with the charm of the characters and feel like they want to be friends with them, a hang-out movie.


Director & Screenwriter 導演及編劇

Parco Wong Lok Hang 王樂行
Graduated from Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong, is passionate about gender and political issues and aspires to become a director of both fiction and documentary films. Short film No Flight to Bristol was selected for screening at HK.Kino.Berlin, while the screenplay Kapok Falling won the One Cool Scholarship.


Producer 監製

Leung Kam Fai 梁錦輝
Leung studied economics in university, but filmmaking is his true calling. Started with an apprenticeship under director, Jacob Cheung Chi-Leung, working in various roles. The short film The Captive and the Fugitive tells the unconventional story of a couple making a film. The latest work, Save My Soul, has won the Eye Catcher Incubation Award 2022 and ECG2023 Eye Catcher Jury Award (Work-in-Progress Project).


Screenwriter & Composer 編劇及配樂

Rico Wong Lok Yiu 王樂堯
A recent graduate of HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity. Wong is a budding creator. Before entering university, he dipped his toes into society before being roughed up. Short film From the Void of Time was selected for the 29th edition of the ifva Open Category. Collaborating with his brother, who is the director.

剛從香港兆基創意書院畢業的迷你創作人。在讀大學前一年,以試水溫姿態步入社會後被焫親。短片《From the Void of Time》入選第29屆ifva公開組。與導演是兄弟檔。