Eye Catcher Global

About Eye Catcher Global 2023

Originated from Hong Kong, the Eye Catcher Global (ECG) aims to bring together the creative and production communities of the Asian and international independent filmmaking industry. Embracing the spirit of self-producing and entrepreneurship, it attempts to create an exclusive international platform for connection, exchange and collaboration so that independent filmmakers may go further for longer. Through a series of events, the ECG aspires to incubate and promote more independent films with unique visions, strong personal styles, and a wide variety of genres. It not only helps filmmakers obtain funding, awards and opportunities, but also introduces and facilitates the exchanges of experience and networks of international peers. The ECG 2023 will be held in June, programmes are:

Eye Catcher Global (ECG) 以香港為出發點,旨在連結亞洲及國際獨立影像製作和產業社群,致力發掘及催生更多擁有自主製作及初創精神,且別具視野和作者風的影像作品,並助力打造交流、連結及合作的專屬國際平台,讓創作者能夠走得更遠、更久。透過一系列活動,孵化和推廣更多劇情、紀實、實驗、動畫或混合等類型的獨立影像作品。不僅讓影像創作人獲得資金、獎項或機會,也引介國際同行之經驗與網絡。ECG 2023將於6月舉行,主要內容包括:

  • 國際提案大會
  • 奪目展映
  • 產業論壇
  • 奪目有請:香港焦點影人分享

International Pitching Forum

An open call for film projects in Hong Kong. International and local industry representatives will be invited as jury members to assess individual film pitches and select the most deserved film projects for funding and industry support.

公開徵集香港影像創作計劃,邀請國際及本地產業代表擔任評審,以項目為單位進行提案、評選、 提供資金及產業支持。


Eye Catcher Showcase

The Showcases will be co-curated by international industry representatives and local curators, featuring screenings and post-screening discussions of selected independent films from around the world. It aims to foster dialogues and exchanges between the international and local film industry workers.


Industry Forum

International industry representatives and local guests will be invited to discuss the current global trends and developments in the independent filmmaking market.


The ECG will introduce and promote local emerging film talents and their works to international industry representatives, bringing promising new blood in Hong Kong to the international stage.