Filmmakers@HK in Focus

Filmmakers@HK in focus

Date: 18/6 (Sun) 17:00 – 19:00
Venue: Kino, 1/F EATON HK
Filmmakers: Fredie CHAN Ho Lun, Wanqiu ZENG, Lawrence KAN, Emilie CHOI Sin Yi, Elysa WENDI
Moderator: Sonia WONG

While it’s common for filmmakers to introduce their projects in development at different funding platforms, they seldom get to share their visions and styles as creators in depth. Eye Catcher Global brings together a group of Hong Kong-based filmmakers: Fredie CHAN, Wanqiu ZENG, Lawrence KAN, Emilie CHOI and Elysa WENDI, to share about their journeys of creation from the vantage points of documentary director, visual artist and film programmers.

Fredie CHAN
An independent documentary filmmaker and educator of 16 years, Fredie focuses on global grassroots activism as his main subject, such as collaborating with Story Centre, a US-based community art organisation, to develop “participatory documentary filmmaking”. His latest work The Dispute followed a movement led by a Scottish tenants union to advocate on local housing justice. 

Wanqiu ZENG
A visual artist, film director and art therapist, Oneness melds traditional oriental aesthetics with Western art techniques in her practice. Her works often discuss self-identity, cultural memory, and the sense of belonging.

Lawrence KAN
Graduated from Vancouver Film School in 2009 and returned to hometown, then founded Marc. Two Visuals. Kan’s directorial debut When C Goes with G7 (2013) is a story about Hong Kong youngsters’ growth and development into adulthood. The film was selected for the “Hong Kong First” section of Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2013. 

In 2021, he directed his first drama series In Geek We Trust for Viu TV, which was the first Hong Kong TV drama to be screened at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival. Lead actors of the drama, LING Man-lung and Kaki SHAM were nominated for Best Rising Star and Best Supporting Actor respectively at the Busan International Film Festival’s Asia Contents Award, with LING winning the Best Rising Star Awards.

In 2022, Kan directed his second feature film In Broad Daylight, produced by director Derek YEE.

Emilie CHOI and Elysa WENDI
Emilie is presently a PhD candidate at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. As a moving image researcher and independent curator, she has worked on diverse projects including exhibitions, screening programmes, and publications. She is also a Board Member of local non-profit Videotage.

Elysa is the co-founder of Cinemovement, an artistic and development platform facilitating trans-disciplinary moving image creations. She is also a filmmaker and independent curator who works for institutions, festivals, and other programme contexts internationally.

The duo will share insights and observations of Hong Kong independent filmmaking and discuss the fluidity of such practice through introducing four local filmmakers – KWOK June, CHAN Hau Chun, CHEUK Cheung and YAN Wai-yin, and their works that lie between the genres of documentary, narrative fiction, and experimental cinema.


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