Heat Room | 熱室

Documentary 紀實


Production Stage
Complete First Cut

Total Budget
US$ 57,480

Logline 故事摘要
This documentary tells the story of a group of residents of subdivided flats over several years. They struggle under the oppression of the times, yet live their daily lives with dignity. 


Synopsis 故事大綱
In a building in Hong Kong, more than 400 households live in the so-called “sub-divided units”, where each household has only a narrow cubicle enclosed by four wooden boards, with shared bathrooms and kitchens. This vertical documentary is a collective portrait of the residents in the same building. The shared room rented by several Filipino domestic helpers becomes their weekly refuge; the mentally challenged daughter who takes care of her elderly mother and earns money by recycling garbage in the building; the child who grew up with a non-Hong Kong mother studying and playing on the back staircase; the middle-aged man who came to Hong Kong from mainland China in a failed quest for wealth; and the security guard who fights depression by painting with vibrant colours…
These characters exist in parallel worlds, each facing their own challenges and dreams, occasionally intersecting in brief moments of connection and understanding. Set in everyday life from 2019 to 2023, the film captures the bittersweet nature of human resilience, loneliness, and the search for a sense of belonging in a diverse urban landscape.


Director’s Statement 導演闡述
The idea of this film is to document a collective portrait. The goal is not to portray the lifestyle in subdivided flats, but to depict how people cope with, imagine and construct their lives in the confines of a stifling space. Through observing moments in their daily lives, we can extrapolate their stories, and reflect on how the delicate things in life such as community, families, friends and their dreams for their future all get tangled up and impact their lives.


Director 導演

Chan Hau Chun 陳巧真
Chan Hau-chun is an independent filmmaker and Multimedia artist based in Hong Kong. Graduated from the City University of Hong Kong in 2015, her work, 32+4 was nominated for Golden Horse Best Documentary in 2015 and was awarded the Principal Prize in the International Category of the 61st International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

陳巧真畢業於香港城市大學,現為獨立電影工作者及多媒體創作者。作品《32+4》曾入圍2015年金馬獎最佳紀錄片和榮獲第61屆德國奧柏豪森短片影展(國際競賽單元)Principal Prize。

Co-Director 聯合導演

Chui Chi Yin 徐智彥
Chui Chi Yin is an independent documentary filmmaker.  His work Jacky was nominated for the Hong Kong Documentary Award at the Chinese Documentary Festival. He then co-directed Call Me Mrs. Chan with dir. Chan Hau Chun, which won the First Runner-up at the 10th Chinese Documentary Award and Special Mention at ifva. Another co-directed experimental film, No Song To Sing, was a finalist at the South Taiwan Film Festival.


Producer 監製

Peter Yam 任硯聰
Peter Yam is a Hong Kong independent film producer and member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The works he produced were awarded the Ogawa Shinsuke Award at the Yamagata International Documentary Festival, the Best Documentary Award at HotDocs, the Best Documentary at the Golden Horse Awards and selected for the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, etc.