Hold That Pose For Me

Documentary 紀實


Production Stage
Work-in-Progress 製作中

Total Budget
US$ 10,400

Goal 參與目標
Technical Support, Funds, (Co-)producer, Distribution Partner, Festival Screening

Logline 故事摘要
Ken Ken Elle promotes voguing and ballroom in Hong Kong, providing an outlet for self-expression for the LGBTQ+ community. This is a story about self-exploration and confidence.
Ken Ken Elle 在香港推廣 voguing 和 ballroom,為 LGBTQ+ 社群找到自我表達的出口。

Synopsis 故事大綱
“Hold that pose” is a classic concept in voguing dance. It represents a dancer’s skill and control when they maintain a pose for an extended period of time during a competition, symbolising self-expression, confidence, and the importance of finding a sense of belonging and support in the LGBTQ+ community.
The documentary explores this theme through the story of Ken Ken Elle and his establishment of VoguingHK. The film represents his perseverance and determination in dancing, as he strives to show his true self to the world despite the negative labels he has faced since childhood. Interestingly, the dance movements and vocabulary in voguing are constantly mocking the negative labels that “normal” people have attached to them. Ken Ken has travelled around the world to study voguing and is determined to popularise this dance in Hong Kong to encourage LGBTQ+ individuals, especially the transgender community, to learn self-expression through dancing.
Despite facing societal prejudice, Ken Ken’s efforts have gradually created a dance community that is full of confidence, trust, and acceptance. This has also brought the voguing subculture from the underground Ballroom scene into mainstream culture in Hong Kong.

在本紀錄片中,我們透過 Ken Ken Elle 和他成立VoguingHK 的故事,深入探索這個主題概念。「Hold that pose for me」代表 Ken Ken 在舞蹈中的堅持和毅力:他舉手投足時的每個姿勢,都充滿自信和力量;不畏懼從成長時已開始被人貼上的各種標籤,努力向世界展現真正的自我。有趣的是,Voguing 本身的舞蹈動作和詞彙,就是不斷反諷「正常人」對他們所貼上的負面標籤。Ken Ken 遊歷世界各地鑽研 Voguing,決心要將此舞蹈在香港普及,以鼓勵 LGBTQ+ 特別是跨性別群體,從舞蹈中學會表現自我。

Director’s Statement 導演闡述
Hold That Pose For Me will showcase the journey of Ken Ken Elle, who promotes voguing and ballroom in Hong Kong, providing a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals to express themselves. Using interviews, dance performances, and archival footage, the documentary will explore the significance of voguing in the LGBTQ+ community. The story will be told from Ken Ken’s perspective and those impacted by his work. Our team consists of LGBTQ+ individuals and allies who are passionate about empowering marginalised communities. The unique aspect of the film is its focus on Ken Ken Elle and his establishment of VoguingHK. It will also explore the LGBTQ+ history and culture behind voguing and ballroom and showcase the achievements of the community in Hong Kong.

故事將從 Ken Ken 的角度以及他的工作影響的人們的角度來講述。我們的團隊由 LGBTQ+ 個體及其盟友組成,他們對賦權邊緣化社區充滿熱情。這部電影的獨特之處在於其專注於 Ken Ken Elle 及他建立VoguingHK 的情況。它還將探討 voguing 和 ballroom 背後的 LGBTQ+ 歷史和文化,並展示社區在香港的成就。最終,《Hold That Pose For Me》是關於自我表達,信心,以及在可能對 LGBTQ+ 社區存在歧視的社會中找到歸屬感的故事。

Director 導演

Joris Wu Man Chiu 胡文釗
Occasionally works as a programme coordinator for art festivals and film production teams. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong in 2019. He has also had exchange experiences at various art and film institutions around the world.


Producer 監製

Rita Hui Nga Shu 許雅舒
Video artist and independent film director, currently teaching at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. An active explorer of narrative possibilities, she challenges ways of expression besides images and storytelling. Her feature film Kenning Woman (2013) was selected for the Busan Film Festival, and Pseudo Secular opened the South Taiwan Film Festival in 2016 and was selected for the Torino Film Festival.