Eye Catcher Global 2023 –
A Brand New International Filmmaking Platform
Independent Film Projects for International Pitching Forum

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In the beginning of 2023, Eye Catcher launched our new programme: the Eye Catcher Global (ECG). The first edition will be held in June 2023. One of the main events, the International Pitching Forum, is currently recruiting Hong Kong independent film projects. 

Originated from Hong Kong, ECG aims to bring together the creative and production communities of the Asian and international independent filmmaking industry, gather resources to incubate film projects with unique visions and strong personal styles, and facilitate Hong Kong filmmakers to go global.

This June, both the international and local industry representatives will be invited as jury members to attend the International Pitching Forum in person. The shortlisted film projects will compete for a grant amount HKD 220,000 in total, and participate in one-to-one meetings with the international guests for more chances leading to industry support and international platforms. 

Grasp the pulse of independent filmmaking and APPLY NOW!

The ECG is the international exchange platform of the Eye Catcher. Established by the Renaissance Foundation, Eye Catcher explores new perspectives and possibilities in filmmaking, production and distribution through the Creativity Camp and Incubation programme. The third stage ECG creates opportunities for international pitching, film showcases and exchanges, building close connections with the independent filmmaking community around the world.

Application Details on International Pitching Forum

Online Application Form (Please complete the form in both Chinese and English)

Results Announcement: Early April, 2023

International Pitching Forum: 15th – 16th June, 2023 (Thur – Fri)

Application Fee: Free-of-Charge


  1. Applications shall be submitted by film unit (as individual or as team). All applicants must have reached the age of 18 at the time of application.
  2. The film project director must be one of the film unit members. He/She must be a resident of Hong Kong.
  3. Applicants who directed more than 3 feature-length films (over 80 minutes each) in the same genre are NOT eligible to apply as the film project director.
  4. There is no limitation on theme, genre or length. Diversified, disruptive and independent film projects are encouraged.
  5. Film projects at the two below-mentioned stages are accepted. Budget plan is required.
    • In-Development Project: Film projects that are in pre-production or in the early stage of development, currently searching for producers, production companies, investors, etc. for the production.
    • Work-in-Progress Project: Film projects that are in a later stage of production or in post-production, looking for post-production funds, or collaboration opportunities with distribution agents, film festivals, marketing partners, etc.
  6. Shortlisted film projects are required to include the Eye Catcher logo at the ending credits of their finished works.

Application Method and Materials Required

(All information must be submitted through online application form):

Required Materials:

  • Logline (English: up to 35 words; Chinese: up to 60 words)
  • Synopsis (English: up to 180 words; Chinese: up to 300 words)
  • Director’s Statement (English: up to 180 words; Chinese: up to 300 words)
  • Treatment (No word limit)
  • Production Plan (No word limit)
  • Budget Plan (Submit in PDF format in both Chinese and English)
  • A maximum of 3 video clips of the applied film projects, each clip within 10 minutes (Preview links and passwords are included)
  • Director’s Biography (English: up to 60 words; Chinese: up to 100 words)
  • Director’s Filmography (Preview links and passwords are included)
  • Copy of Director’s Hong Kong Identity Card

Optional Materials:

  • Producer or Key Creative Members’ Biography (English: up to 60 words each; Chinese: up to 100 words each)
  • Producer or Key Creative Members’ Filmography (Preview links and passwords are included)
  • Film Unit / Production Company Profile (English: up to 180 words; Chinese: up to 300 words)
  • Script or Scene Outline (Submit in PDF format in both Chinese and English)
  • Others (Submit in PDF format in both Chinese and English)

Deadline: 3 March 2023 (FRI) 12:00 n.n. (GMT+8:00 Hong Kong Time)

5 Awards:

  • Eye Catcher Grand Award (In-Development Project)
  • Eye Catcher Grand Award (Work-in-Progress Project)
  • Eye Catcher Next Award
  • Eye Catcher Jury Award (In-Development Project)
  • Eye Catcher Jury Award (Work-in-Progress Project)

International Pitching Forum Format:

  • In-Person Pitch: Film units will have 15 minutes each to pitch their projects. Each pitch consists of a 7-minute presentation (includes video-playing) and an 8-minute Q&A.
  • One-to-one Meeting: Film units will each partake in one-to-one meetings with the international guests for 15 minutes each round. 
  • The International Pitching Forum will be conducted mainly in English. Chinese-English simultaneous interpretation will be provided during all pitching sessions. Participants with fluent English are preferred.


  1. Plagiarism or imposter is prohibited.
  2. All submitted projects should be participants’ original production. If any violation is found, applicants would be permanently disqualified for all the future events presented by the Renaissance Foundation.
  3. One submission form is for one project submission only.
  4. Please follow all the requirements on language and word limit when filling or uploading application materials.
  5. Submissions missing any required materials will not be processed.
  6. No submitted materials will be returned. Please save a copy if necessary.
  7. Personal data, film project information and materials submitted will be treated as confidential and will be used by Eye Catcher, their affiliates or designated personnel only.
  8. Due to the limited quota, shortlisted projects will be selected according to the applications. The organiser reserves the right of change and final decision.
  9. The organiser will notify the shortlisted applicants through email.
  10. If there are any changes in programme, programme details and schedule of the International Pitching Forum, please refer to the latest announcement from the organiser.
  11. The Renaissance Foundation reserves the right of final decision and interpretation in case of any dispute.
  12. For enquiries on application or filling the form, please email to [email protected].

Eye Catcher 22/23 Programme Overview

Creativity Camp | AUG 2022

The five-day and four-night creativity camp invited guests and speakers to inspire participants’ imagination, stimulate their creative energy and expand their community connections. A series of events included experienced filmmakers / creators’ sharing about their inspirations and ideas, led the interdisciplinary workshops and created their own works in groups. During the nights exploring filmmaking, literature and music, campers watched the interdisciplinary creations, exchanged their ideas together, and completed their creative videos for the final showcase in the camp.

Incubation Programme|OCT 2022 to DEC 2022

12 Hong Kong film projects were recruited through the open call. I) Mentorship. 12 film units were matched with experienced producers / directors for one-on-one guidance on the project development, as well as career development in the industry. II) 3-Phase Workshops: Storytelling, Self-producing and Pitching. 12 film units received professional advice on their story development, team building, financing strategy, audience design, film festival run, impact distribution, etc. III) Final Pitching Day. After the mentorship and tailor-made workshops, 12 film units pitched their film projects and competed for 3 awards, a grant amount HKD 80,000 in total, and the limited direct entries to the International Pitching Forum in June 2023.

Eye Catcher Global (ECG) | JUN 2023

Through a series of events including the International Pitching Forum, Showcases, Panel Discussions on Global Independent Filmmaking, Hong Kong Filmmakers in Focus, the ECG aspires to incubate and promote more independent films. It not only helps filmmakers obtain funding, awards and opportunities, but also introduces and facilitates the exchanges of experience and networks of international peers so that independent filmmakers may go further for longer.

Presented by:

Eye Catcher|Renaissance Foundation