Landing On Ice

Drama 劇情


Production Stage
Work-in-Progress 製作中

Total Budget
US$ 40,000

Goal 參與目標
Funds, Festival Screening

Logline 故事摘要
A young Hong Kong figure skater went to Toronto to pursue her skating dream, she got lost between her imaginations and reality while she fell in love with her best friend. 

Synopsis 故事大綱
Hong Kong figure skater Wing Yee travelled to Toronto alone for advanced training, aspiring to compete on the international stage. Encouraged by her coach and peers, Wing Yee experienced significant improvement in her skills. Her roommate, Christy, was friendly and welcoming, which helped Wing Yee settle into local life smoothly. As training intensified, Wing Yee faced setbacks and realised she was falling behind her peers. She began to question whether to persevere or give up. In this confusing time, Christy stood by her and supported her through hard practices. Gradually, Wing Yee started falling for Christy…

香港花式溜冰選手穎怡獨自前往加拿大多倫多進行訓練,希望在國際賽事佔一席位。在教練和同學的鼓勵下,穎怡很快適應當地生活。 隨著訓練難度提升,穎怡感到氣餒,明白自己和同學們的程度相距甚遠,在放棄與堅持之間徘徊。在這迷惘時刻,Christy 一直在她身邊支持她,陪伴她一起苦練。穎怡漸漸情不自禁地愛上Christy⋯⋯

Director’s Statement 導演闡述
This story is inspired by my own experiences. I began learning figure skating at the age of six, and I have maintained a strong connection with the sport throughout my life. As I grew older, I dreamt of capturing the essence of figure skating on film. Figure skating requires a lot of strength, flexibility, and rhythm, and there is very little room for error in competitions. Through our protagonist’s journey, this story explores feelings of confusion and being lost during the pursuit of development abroad, reflecting the prevailing spirit of the times.


Director & Screenwriter 導演及編劇

Jane Leung 梁子瞳
A graduate of the School of Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong, Leung has served in various positions in film and television as a screenwriter in drama features including Fagara (2019). Her scripts have been selected into the Golden Horse Film Project Programme twice. She has also directed Cantopop music videos.

畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體學系。畢業後參與電影及電視作品編劇工作,包括電影《花椒之味》(2019)、編寫劇本兩次入選台北金馬影展創投會議。亦曾創作及執導音樂錄像,包括Dear Jane《到底發生過什麼事》等。

Producer 監製

Andrew Choi Lim Ming 蔡廉明
Many years of work experience in media, including online media and video creation. The films he has produced include Beyond the Dream and more.


Film Unit / Production Company 影像單位 / 製作公司
In Color