Let’s Do A Canto Opera on A Boat Temple for Our Beloved Goddess Tin Hau | 試下喺水上天后廟搞神功戲

Experimental 實驗


Production Stage
Work-in-Progress 製作中

Total Budget
US$ 90,844

Goal 參與目標
Technical Support, Funds, Production Team, Distribution Partner, Festival Screening

Logline 故事摘要
A single-take performance, showcasing Cantonese opera and Chinese calligraphy at the historical Tin Hau Temple Boat. A project aiming to keep documenting, experimenting in different local temples by connecting cultures.

Synopsis 故事大綱
The video consists of two parts: a one-take experimental cinematic film completed in February and a documentary yet to be finished.
The performance is based on traditional “plays for the gods” scripts, which were usually played at festivals. The calligrapher plays a role reminiscent of a celestial recorder, documenting a poignant love story. All weaves into a narrative that portrays the feeling of reluctance to part, resonating with the background that the ship would soon be moved onto the shore, and becomes history. 
The second half of the project will commence with the Mazu Fireworks Festival, intertwining records of the Heavenly Empress’s birthday celebration, interviews with participating artists, and devoted believers. It will delve into the historical and current context of the temple’s transition from ship to shore. Upon securing sufficient funds, we plan to host a screening event at the new temple, themed around water to honour its aquatic heritage, capturing the splendour of the new temple while visually narrating the handover process between the old and the new temple. Capturing old arts and cultures under a modern world.


Director’s Statement 導演闡述
Our cross-cultural experimental art project adheres rigorously to the “One Take” rule, seamlessly integrating artistic expression and technical proficiency on screen.
The initiative seeks to amalgamate calligraphy, Cantonese opera, and Tin Hau culture – collectively recognized by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage within a shared cultural-religious context. To safeguard these traditions, we transcend conventional Cantonese opera frameworks through innovative visual approaches. Drawing inspiration from Taiwan’s successful propagation and preservation of Mazu (Tin Hau) culture, we envision similar developmental prospects for Hong Kong.
The Triangular Island Goddess of Tin Hau Shrine of Peace, Hong Kong’s sole sea-based temple, faces the threat of obsolescence due to the ageing vessel and worshippers. Transitioning into a floating black-box theatre, it will feature water-themed Cantonese opera performances while meticulously capturing its interior designs for historical documentation.
Our overarching goals include fostering youth interest in Cantonese opera, documenting the rich sea-based local culture, reducing the cultural inheritance inter-generational gaps. Future endeavours involve the continuation of such programs, exploring Cantonese opera’s possibilities to showcase in diverse temples, collaborating with artists from various professions, and to experiment within historical contexts.


Director & Creative Director 導演及創意總監

Anonymous graffiti enthusiast, working in advertising production. Currently residing overseas.


Co-Director & Director of Photography 聯合導演及攝影指導

Choi Siu Long 蔡少郎
3 years of expertise as Director of Photography in advertising production. Worked with brands such as HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, and McDonald’s.


Live Audio Recording & Mixing Engineer 錄音及混音工程師

Seff Chan 陳岳

An audio technician striving for equilibrium.

Public Relation Coordinator 公共關係經理

Mok 莫生

Film Unit / Production Company 影像單位 / 製作公司
C L O S E U R [ i ] S