Nothing Happens | 城鬼

Drama 劇情


Production Stage
Work-in-Progress 製作中

Total Budget
US$ 15,742

Goal 參與目標
Script Refining, Funds, Production Team, Distribution Partner, Festival Screening

Logline 故事摘要
Wandering through a city once familiar , the long-separated lovers revisit old places. Both carry unspeakable melancholy, as memories haunt them.

Synopsis 故事大綱
Years after leaving, Vivian returns to her old haunt due to a flight change, everything unfamiliar. This place reminds her of her first love, the professor. After running into a mysterious dark-skinned man, the literature professor has decided to write a story about “shedding”, but struggles to find an ending. Imprisoned by himself, he fought. The returned and the imprisoned reunited, wandering together for a day, seeking memories, each other’s pasts and futures, awaiting tomorrow and the inevitable goodbye.

多年前離開了的吳安薇因為航班調動重回舊地,一切陌生,關於這地方她想起最初的愛人——教授。 文學教授因偶然見到一位宛如鬼魅的黝黑男子,便決意撰寫一個關於「脫皮」的故事,卻無論如何都無法寫出結局。他困著自己,與其搏鬥。 歸人與囚者重遇,在這短暫的一天他們四處遊蕩。尋找記憶、彼此的過去與未來,等待明天與離別的到來。

Director’s Statement 導演闡述
Nothing Happens stems from Repulse Bay of The Hong Kong Trilogy, where we sensed the author’s indescribable sense of disorientation within themselves and society.  
We extracted the author from the narrative, delving into their primal psychological state and unspeakable burdens, thus giving birth to the Professor and Vivian. Drawing from the “shedding” of Repulse Bay’s protagonist, we equated skin with shifting memories. Shedding and the yearning for death translate into the professor’s resistance to his own memories; Dissatisfaction towards women in the original work manifests in the relationship between the professor and Vivian.
However, translating Repulse Bay into a love story merely scratches the surface of our narrative. Beneath the romantic relationship of the professor and Vivian lies their discordance on “belonging”. Despite their mutual affection, they find themselves disoriented from each other in the reunion, tormented by memories with nowhere to settle. In this era where everything has become the past, can we truly find belonging?


Director 導演

Tsang Kin Wong 曾建煌
Graduated from the the Academy of Film of Hong Kong Baptist University, Tsang continues to engage in diverse styles of audiovisual creations, participating in the production of various genres including films, commercials, and music videos. His short film The Nuisance won the champion at the Buried Dreams Hong Kong Youth Short Film Competition. He has also served in the film industry as assistant director and director’s assistant.

畢業於香港浸會大學電影學院, 持續進行風格不同的影視創作, 參與製作類型包括電影、 廣告、 音樂錄像等。其短片作品《 討厭的人 》獲得埋位發夢香港⻘年短片創作比賽冠軍,曾以副導演或導演助理身份協助進行拍攝。

Screenwriter 編劇

Yim Wai Chaak 嚴瑋擇
Graduated from the Chinese Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Yim has won the championship in the collegiate category of the World Citizen Education competition organised by the Hong Kong UNESCO Club, with his stage play script titled Little Red Riding Hood. During university, he also wrote the screenplay for In Search of Soil.  He was the screenwriter for the Under Production film project Whispering Words: The reversal of Tian Kun.

畢業於中大中文系。曾憑舞台劇劇本《小紅帽》奪得香港聯合國教科文組織「世界公民教育」大專組冠軍。 大學時期創作了電影劇本《尋土》。 負責Under Production電影創作《微微語:扭轉田坤》的劇本。

Director of Photography 攝影指導

Lui Ching Karson 雷靖
A graduate of the Higher Diploma in Film Production at the Academy of Film of Hong Kong Baptist University, specialising in Cinematography. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Film in the same school, focusing on Film and Television Production. Directed, shot, and edited the independent short film Clumsy Confession, LONG-DEAD. Also possesses extensive experience in portrait photography and promotional video production.