Pitching Workshop 2
提案工作坊 2 – 講座:提案技巧與國際融資平台——由HAF談起

Date: 11th December, 2022

Mentor: Matthew Poon 

@Incubation 2022

HKIFF Industry project manager Matthew Poon led the second also last workshop of the Incubation Program, “Techniques of Pitching and International Financing Platforms – Starting from HAF.” In addition to sharing HKIFF’s office and projects such as HAF, Film Lab, HKIFF Collections, etc., Poon also delineated the various preparations for film promotion projects. He also mentioned that pitching is like a job interview. The preparation and onsite performance should fully explain what the story tries to say, how prepared we are, and how to create impressions to persuade investors.



@廠牌計劃 2022

第二場提案工作坊,也是整個廠牌計劃最後一場工作坊,以「提案技巧與國際融資平台——由HAF談起」為主題,請來HKIFF Industry的項目經理潘卓賢(Matthew),除了向大家分享香港國際電影節電影業辦公室包括HAF、Film Lab、HKIFF Collection等等各項計劃和幫助的影像項目;亦分別在講座和一對一面談講解創投時候的各種準備。他提及Pitching有時就像見工,無論在事前準備還是現場表現,都需要充分解釋到自己作品當中最想要表達的東西,展現出自己多有準備,留下記憶點以說服投資人。