Reverb | 大西洋底來的人

Drama 劇情


Production Stage
Complete First Cut

Total Budget
US$ 1,000,000

Logline 故事摘要
Ding Mao, a tally clerk who works at a supermarket, once accidentally boiled a shark in an aquarium. From then on, he began to experience auditory hallucinations and he embarked on a journey to find his father.


Synopsis 故事大綱
Ding Mao, a tally clerk who works in a supermarket, once cooked a shark in an aquarium by accident. Since then, an indescribable noise has emerged in his ears, guiding him to embark on a long journey to search for his father unseen for nearly two decades. Seemingly fated, his father, the shark, and the wave of workers’ layoff are interwoven together, like an echoing movement of history and memory, illusion and reality.


Director’s Statement 導演闡述
It’s a film about sound and memory.


Director 導演

Zhong Kaifeng 鍾凱峰
Zhong Kaifeng was born in 1995. Graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. Engaged in music, novels, and film creation.


Producer 監製

Jane Zheng 鄭菁
A producer and executive producer of numerous films, Jane produced The Farewell in 2018/19, which was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 2019 Golden Globes and won the Best Actress. Her latest documentary feature Found was released by Netflix worldwide in 2021. She produced the art-house indie film A song sung blue, and was selected by the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight 2023 and other international film festivals.

內地監製,曾製作多部劇情及紀錄長片,近作包括獲 2020 年金球獎最佳外語片提名的《別告訴她》;由 Netflix 全球發行紀錄長片《找尋》; 及入選 2023 年康城影展導演雙週單元及多個國際電影節的獨立長片《小白船》。 

Producer 監製

Wang Tianxiao 王天嘯
Graduated from the Film and Television Production Department of the Central Academy of Drama, Wang has discovered and coordinated numerous film adaptation projects, including the Korean comic MOONYOU, a youthful and fantastical work by Osamu Oshima I Am in Mari’s Body, and the film adaptation rights of popular news I’m Not a Drug Lord, I’m Just a Father etc. He also developed Moon Man; developed and produced the documentary There Will Be a Spring Next Year, which won the Most Market Potential Proposal at the China Documentary Conference, and cooperated with iQIYI platform to jointly produce it.