Review on Creativity Camp 2022
2022 創作營回顧

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Renaissance Foundation, we reimagined the way of storytelling through visual images in five days and four nights of gestures, sounds, and words. The four lectures reshape the use of storytelling media through different levels of body movement, the infinite universe of animation production, the treatment of original and adapted scripts, the essentials of low-budget productions, and even the storytelling and presentation techniques of Korean dramas and genre dramas. During the two afternoon workshops, we explored the various ways to express ourselves through body, music, and sound. The thematic exchange in three consecutive evenings brought together fellow filmmakers, musicians, and writers.

The eight camps of participants also drew lots to select a literary work and the three music pieces of the “Ear Up Plus 2022 Indie Label Sponsorship Program” finalists and formed groups on the spot to produce short videos based on the concept. Their works were screened on the last day of the Creativity Camp, and the campers voted for the top three best-liked short videos. Let’s review the programs and mentors’ introductions! Let’s appreciate how the campers overcame the limitations of time and resources, capture their creative sparks, and accomplish outstanding crossovers.



Campbook 文藝復興 ⑩ 夏令營小冊子

Creative Videos Showcase 作品展映

Group A – H