Self-Producing Workshop 2
出品與發行工作坊 2

Date: 27th November, 2022

Mentor (in alphabetical order): Ellen Pau, Eric Tsang, Peter Yam

@Incubation 2022

In the second self-production workshop, Eric Tsang Hing Weng, the director of Hong Kong Family and Eye Catcher’s creative director, shared with us his first feature film initiative and the dilemma of creative ideas and the practicality in the shooting. He also shared his experience of making the most out of each scene and each shot to express what he tries to express with a limited budget.

In the second section in the afternoon, independent producer Peter Yam led an unconventional workshop and discussed film production with us through twelve questions in a relaxing manner. He analyzed how the production team can help maximize the director’s message and emphasized the importance of participating in film festivals. Yam also had a one-on-one dialogue with self-taught video artist Ellen Pau on the topics of documentary and genre film and answered the questions about production and distribution.



@廠牌計劃 2022


而下午的第二場講座,香港獨立監製任硯聰(Peter Yam)以反轉課室式的12條問題,透過較輕鬆的互相分享模式,和大家討論電影製作;我們需要怎樣的監製與團隊,來最大化自己想表達的訊息,以及多參加影展的重要性。緊接著的一對一對談,則由Peter及自學錄像藝術家鮑藹倫(Ellen Pau)與紀錄片及實驗片類型項目,針對大家在出品與發行上的種種疑問給予建議。