Sharing: The Borderless Storytelling within Boundaries

Talks on Creative Journeys

Date: 6th August, 2022

Venue: Jao Tsung-I Academy Resource Centre

@Camp 2022

Mentor: Step C (Animator), Mo (Founder of the Video Production House “Yamenyamo”)

Well-experienced animation producers Step Cheung (StepC) and Chan Wai Mo (Mo) met each other during the last epidemic. Their dialog across time was divided into three sections, which started from introducing the common thematic imagery in animation production.

The sharing session showed StepC’s early short anime work Toxic Relationship and also Yuki Onna co-produced by Mo and Waa Wei to explore how to present different aspects of bad romance through animation. It was followed by discussions of the different approaches to animation: the traditional Cel Animation and the more recent Motion Graphic and 3D Animation. The advancement of technologies resulted in screens being widened. For example, RubberBand’s MTV Every Little Thing and AGA’s MTV CityPop were created by StepC and Mo respectively who used the increasingly popular format which integrates reality shots into animation. The hybrid mode could help create infinite stories.

The second half explicates the two speakers’ creative universes, including collaborations with local singers and independent works. Animation is difficult because they have to draw every frame of every stage of the script. There’s no room for laziness. A project often has a tight production schedule and limited resources. Every time they review their work, they discover room for improvement. It is indeed difficult to keep the balance, but they do their best. As StepC said, she is satisfied and elated when she sees her works that reflect or record a certain period of her career and when she sees her fellows draw inspiration from her works.




@創作營 2022


兩位均累積了不少動畫製作經驗的張小踏(StepC)和陳偉武(Mo),其實早相識於上次瘟疫蔓延時。這場隔著兩個時空的對談分成三個部分,從兩人動畫製作上的共通主題意象導入。率先播放了StepC.較早期的作品《有毒關係》 動畫短片,和Mo為魏如萱製作的《雪女》,探討如何以動畫方式,呈現不同面向的有害浪漫(Bad romance)。逐討論到坊間動畫製作不同方式的進程:從以往傳統的  Cel Animation,到幾年比較多見的 Motion Graphic 和 3D Animation。科技的進步和追求令畫框越拉越闊,例如RubberBand的《每道微小》MV,以及AGA 的《CityPop》MV,分別為兩人的作品,就運用了近年越趨流行的形式:動畫混合實拍/實境,讓動畫製作進一步走向混合(hybrid)模式,創造無限個故事。