Sharing: The Creation and Adaptation of a Screenplay

Talks on Creative Journeys

Date: 7th August, 2022

Venue: Jao Tsung-I Academy Resource Centre

@Camp 2022

Mentor: Jun Li (Post-90s film director and screenwriter)

Director and screenwriter Jun Li shared his experience and methods of storytelling and scriptwriting from his Fresh Wave short films such as Liu Yang He (2017) and My World (2018) to his feature films Tracey (2018) and Drifting (2021).

Drifting is about the homeless people who help themselves and each other in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong. It was based on true social events and also adapted from a feature story he wrote while studying journalism. Adapting his writing and shifting genres was a very special experience for him. In terms of the process of completing the script, his method is that the writer must not go ahead of but go with the character.

In addition, Jun Li also talked about creative works and productions, which are very different things. Transforming words into a film that delivers certain feelings to the audience is time-consuming. In endless revisions, we must love our stories and enjoy their creations.




@創作營 2022


導演李駿碩(Jun Li)一直同時擔任著導演及編劇的角色,自他在鮮浪潮的作品《瀏陽河》(2017)及《吊吊揈》(2018)開始,到第一部長片《翠絲》(2018),再到第二部的《濁水漂流》(2021),Jun Li在講堂上分享了在這些歷程中,他個人講故事、寫劇本的方法。

以《濁水漂流》為例,這個關於關於深水埗露宿者互相依賴流浪生活的電影,除了事源自真實的社會事件,亦改編自Jun Li學生時代撰寫的新聞專題。無論是自己改編自己的寫作,抑或是文本體裁上的轉換,都是一次特別的經歷。提及完成劇本的過程,導演的方式是:自己不可以早過文本的角色,知道他們將要做甚麼;所以導演會一路跟著角色的遭遇、身處的環境一起同行。

另外,Jun Li亦提及創作和製作,是完全的兩回事:由文字變成一個可以製作到、拍攝出來,再將創作者的感受傳達給觀眾,是最困難且歷時最長的過程。在無限次的修改當中,創作者必須非常喜歡自己的故事,並享受他誕生的過程,方可一直走下去。