Sorry, Your Complaint is Declined | 對不起,你的申訴將不獲受理

Drama 劇情


Production Stage
In-Development 發展中

Total Budget
US$ 26,000

Goal 參與目標
Script Refining, Funds, Distribution Partner, Festival Screening

Logline 故事摘要
Huashing Energy complaint officer, K, wakes up losing part of his memory, only remembering a pair of young lady’s eyes. In a twisting venture beyond dreams and reality, he searches for the truth behind the bureaucratic facade. 

Synopsis 故事大綱
When realities are taken away, what does a vaguely remembered dream still mean?
Complaint officer K wakes up in the office hall of Huashing Energy, remembers nothing but a pair of young lady’s eyes. Unable to obtain answers of his unusual behaviour, he returns to his position, but is immediately troubled by the absurd working routine and false memories. He revisits the hall at night, only to reveal even more questions. K, unable to sleep and bothered by his conditions, collapses during morning exercises the next day.
His situation alarms department higher-ups, who then brings K to another medical test. Surprisingly, instead of condemning his behaviour, he was given an outstanding employee award and a cake. But as soon as he finishes it, he falls into coma again.
Several weeks later, K has already forgotten this incident. On a hard earned vacation, he stumbles upon an exhibition. Photos of a nuclear plant accident are exhibited. One photo catches K’s attention – a young woman is kept behind a metal door, glaring fiercely at him. K remembers them, but then what could that mean?


Director’s Statement 導演闡述
A little while after I finished the script of Sorry, Your Complaint is Declined, a misfortune happened on me. I am not able to talk about it, investigate it, or complain about it, simply because there is just no such channels. All I can say is it’s an institution-wide injustice, and they have been recurring according to my memory. 
Living in a time when truth becomes more than ever unreachable, every day becomes a journey of absurdity. Sorry, Your Complaint is Declined brings this sentiment to a bureaucratic backdrop, using K’s venture in Huashing Energy to reflect the incomprehensible truth in reality. “What is real” and “what is not” are maybe just relative ideas that have no absolute meaning in this world. 

活在一個後真相的時代,我們每天的起居飲食都可以變成一場荒誕劇。《對不起,你的申訴將不獲受理》將這情感帶到了故事𥚃,以官僚的大企業為背景,透過申訴專員 K 那穿梭夢境和現實的旅程映射現實中真相往往無法辨別的悲哀。在這故事𥚃,「真」和「假」也許只是一些沒有絕對意義的觀念。

Director & Screenwriter 導演及編劇

Arnold Tam Jing Wah 譚鉦樺
Graduated with a major in Accounting at the University of Hong Kong, Arnold co-founded advertising agency Visual Matters, but left to pursue his artistic practice. His films are playgrounds of narrative methods, and are shortlisted for the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Prague Independent Film Festival and more. He is one of the 16 filmmakers at the Asian Film Award Academy International Film Camp 2024. 

香港大學會計系畢業後,譚鉦樺成立了廣告公司Visual Matters,後為藝術事業而離開。作品獲鹿特丹國際電影節、香港同志影展、捷克獨立影展等選映。2024年亞洲電影大獎學院首屆「國際電影創作營」的16位學員之一。