The Spectacle | 煙火

Experimental 實驗


Production Stage
In-Development 發展中

Total Budget
US$ 72,564

Goal 參與目標
Script Refining, Technical Support, Funds, Co-producer, Production Team

Logline 故事摘要
In a parallel timeline where spectacle is the literal accumulation of capital, a society revolutionises space travel by sending billionaires into space.

Synopsis 故事大綱
In an alternate timeline’s year 2053, partners Sean and Kalos are watching the annual New Year’s Fireworks celebration. This year’s celebration is also commemorating the victims of the SpaceX Tragedy, when a rocket exploded in the atmosphere and all of the passengers died. On TV, the New Year’s celebration unfolds, a lavish party attended only by the ultra-rich. It is commentated on by news announcers and punctuated by surreal ad breaks. The ads promote coverage of the New Year’s Event and products related to its key themes: sacrifice, spectacle, and spirituality. Kalos and Sean discuss the ads, revealing their two different attitudes towards living in a society of the spectacle. As the live coverage of the celebration resumes, an honouree is announced, and it is revealed that they will be sent up into space as a human firework, combusting in the atmosphere for the world to marvel at their wealth. When this year’s billionaire combusts into an epic firework display, the night sky shimmers in gold.


Director’s Statement 導演闡述
Through social media platforms, upon which we were now dependent for connections during COVID, we watched billionaires engage in a new space race while ordinary citizens struggled to survive the pandemic. It felt as though late capitalist societies had reached a new level of inequality, as if the rich and the poor were living in parallel universes. Capitalism seemed to have moved beyond a limit that should have been an endpoint.
We want to create an experimental film that imagines another, parallel universe. In this world, capitalism accelerates even further to its breaking point. The script of capitalism, with its ethos of capital accumulation, is flipped against billionaires. What if it is not the working class who acquires a cultish fever to make money, but the billionaires who are conditioned to flaunt their wealth, even if it leads to their self-destruction?
Our goal is to provide redemptive justice as well as a catharsis to the audience through reimagining possible futures and re-examining our current societal conditions.

我們因此想以輕科幻的方式描寫一個平行時空,想像一個後資本主義社會對炫富到達一種狂熱的程度,不但社會大眾對煙花滙演等奢侈行為著迷,資本階級更是寧死也要炫富。電影靈感來自哲學家Guy Debord的著作《景觀社會》,探索社會群體對以資本所推砌出來的奇觀的執迷。

Screenwriter, Director 編劇、導演

Sheung-Kan YIU 姚尚勤
Sheung Yiu is a Hong Kong-born, image-centred artist and video essayist, based in Helsinki, Finland. His artwork explores the act of seeing through algorithmic image systems and sense-making through networks of images. He examines photography through the lens of new media, scales, and network thinking; When he is not researching algorithmic image-making, he uses video essays as a medium to seek redemptive social justice and speculate on possible future through his alter-reality screenplay. His work involves photography, videos, photo objects, exhibition installations, and bookmaking. 


Screenwriter, Director 編劇、導演

Libbie Katsev is a California-born researcher, writer, and filmmaker. They are currently a PhD fellow at UiT the Arctic University of Norway. Both their academic and artistic work engages with art as a site for imagining alternative worlds and ways of living together. They have worked in poetry, mockumentary, video essay, and short fiction. Their short film When Were You Born? was selected for the 2022 Helsinki International Film Festival’s national competition.

Libbie Katsev是一名出生於加州的作家及電影人。他/她探討藝術作為一種想像另類未來的空間,以此探索其他生活方式。他/她的微電影《你幾時出世?》被選為2022年赫爾辛基國際電影節的比賽電影。