The Vampire of Sheung Shui | 上水吸血鬼

Drama 劇情


Production Stage
In-Development 發展中

Total Budget
US$ 985,861

Goal 參與目標
Script Refining and Translation, Funds, Co-Producer, Distribution Partner

Logline 故事摘要
After being bitten by a vampire, a slacker decides to take control of his ‘life’, find a way to drink blood without killing, and prove that he is worthy of taking over the family business.
一位無所事事的男子,被吸血鬼咬傷後, 決定掌控自己的「人生」,證明自己是家族生意的繼承者,並學習如何在不殺害人的方式下喝血。

Synopsis 故事大綱
Lokesh is a 27+ something slacker with a dull, easygoing existence, still living with his orthodox Jain parents in Sheung Shui – the furthest suburb of Hong Kong. He is waiting for his father to hand over the family jewellery store so that he can sell it and move to the UK. When he’s not working at the store, he plays snooker with his slick racketeer best friend, Eddie, in a dinghy bar on the outskirts of Sheung Shui. After getting an ultimatum from his father, Lokesh needs to grow up and be a man or else risk losing the jewellery store to his lame, do-gooder younger cousin Ravi. When Lokesh is unknowingly turned into a vampire after a one-night stand with a Romanian woman at Ravi’s bachelor party in Macau, he must rise to the occasion and find a way to drink fresh blood without killing or risk hurting the people around him due to his bloodlust.

終日無所事事的Lokesh,是一個27歲還與虔誠耆那教父母親同住的男子,一家人住在香港上水的郊區,日子過得平庸沒趣。 Lokesh 每天除了和朋友Eddie在桌球吧混時間,就是在盼望父母早點將珠寶店傳承給他, 他就可以把店賣掉,搬去英國瀟灑過日子。直到有一天, Lokesh 的父母親向他發出最後通碟,要他認真努力生活,不然就將珠寶店過給跛腳、為人善良的表弟Ravi。禍不單行,Lokesh 在表弟Ravi澳門的單身派對上,與一名羅馬尼亞女子發生一夜情后,不知不覺間變成了吸血鬼。一連串事件,促使他突破重危,找可以喝到鮮血而又不會傷害人的方法。

Director’s Statement 導演闡述
We live in a world where right and wrong is defined by how we look at things subjectively. Our moral compass can help justify our actions and turn the bad into good and vice versa, depending on our perspective on the subject matter. The same is true for our main characters. A protagonist who upon being turned into a vampire is okay to let the antagonists continue their vigilante justice killings. He is above murder as long he only drinks the blood of the already deceased. Only after his best friend is murdered, he realises that by allowing the murders to happen he is part of the killing. In this film, the characters’ moral compasses are put to the test as we explore their darker sides, compassion, and inherent greed in a seemingly banal suburban setting. Themes of perseverance, familial ties, and individuality vs norms of society, as well as living in the present rather than the past, are explored in this horror comedy where the vampire is probably the least dangerous character in a film that celebrates Hong Kong’s diversity.

我們居住在一個時常用主觀意識評判對與錯的世界,時常用自己的道德尺來合理化自己的行為。由不同角度看待事情,對的事可以變錯的,錯的事也可以變對的。我們故事的主角也是如此,變成吸血鬼的主角讓他人繼續私刑殺戮,只要他喝的是已經死去的人的血,他就不算謀殺。但只有在他的好朋友被謀害候,他才驚覺道自己的行為早已等同於參與謀殺的共犯。這部電影在看似平庸的香港郊區背景中,探索人物的陰暗面、同情心和內在貪婪的同時,人物的道德指南針受到深深的考驗,探討了多個議題。家庭間緊密結合的關係、個人和社會之間的關係。這部黑色喜劇告訴我們人應該活在當下而不是過去。 而吸血鬼可能是這部頌揚香港多元化電影中,最不危險的角色。

Director & Producer 導演及監製

Shreyom GHOSH
Shreyom is a director and producer, currently based in Hong Kong after finishing his Master of Fine Arts from the New York University Tisch School of the Arts. He co-wrote and directed the series Bhak for the OTT platform HOOQ. His company Tasia Films produces commercials for top brands across Asia. He recently finished his short film Vegetable Rising – which was shot in France and India.

Shreyom 在紐約大學帝勢藝術學院獲得藝術碩士學位後,是一名常駐香港的導演兼製片人。他共同編寫並執導了Bhak系列。他的公司 Tasia Films 為亞洲頂級品牌製作廣告。

Screenwriter 編劇

D.F.W. Buckingham
D.F.W. Buckingham is an American writer who has worked in the entertainment industry for over a decade after graduating from the New York University Tisch School of the Arts with a Master of Fine Arts in Dramatic Writing. He worked as a Hollywood assistant and script analyst before settling in Berlin in 2019. He has written TV movies that have aired worldwide on Lifetime Channel, Hallmark, Amazon Prime, SkyTV, M6, TF1, Antena3, and more.

D.F.W. Buckingham 是一位美國作家,從紐約大學蒂施藝術學院戲劇寫作碩士學位畢業后,在娛樂行業工作了十多年。在2019年定居柏林之前,他曾擔任荷李活助理和劇本分析師。

Film Unit / Production Company 影像單位 / 製作公司
Tasia Films Limited
Tasia Films Limited is a Hong Kong-registered film, video and animation production company. We make adventurous, daring and ambitious ideas come to life – both in live-action as well as animation.
Tasia Films Limited 是一家在香港註冊的電影、影片和動畫製作公司。我們將冒險、大膽和雄心勃勃的想法,以真人和動畫的方式變為現實。