TSUI Ka Hei 崔嘉曦

Haze TSUI is a cross-media artist, animation director and writer, founder of Milktealogy, also co-directed with Kongkee and LEE Kwok-wai two animation shorts Departure and Assassination, which received a DigiCon6 Asia Gold Mention in 2017. He works as the Producer of Dragon’s Delusion, the up-coming Hong Kong animation feature movie and has participated in different film festivals.

跨媒體藝術家,《奶茶通俗學》主創之⼀,跟江記和李國威共同執導《離騷幻覺:汨羅篇》和《離騷幻覺:刺秦篇》兩條動畫短⽚,於⽇本DigiCon6 Asia⼤賞2017獲得Gold Mention⼤獎。曦同時是《離騷幻覺》動畫⻑⽚的監製之⼀,曾參與多個國際電影節。