What I See in the Mirror Stays the Same | 鏡裡的景象從沒變改

Documentary 紀實

25′ – 30′

Production Stage
In-Development 發展中

Total Budget
US$ 43,400

Goal 參與目標
Script Refining, Funds, Distribution Partner

Logline 故事摘要
This film is about the echo between my mother’s life and mine. At 28, my Thai mother left her country to live in HK. Similarly, I’ve been planning to relocate to Thailand since turning 28.

Synopsis 故事大綱
This film is about the echo between my mother’s life and mine. In her 20s, my mother left her country, Thailand, in search of better job opportunities in Hong Kong, where she then settled down and raised three daughters. Thirty years later in 2019 when she returned to Thailand for a visit, she found out that her mother with Alzheimer’s can no longer recognise her. While her childhood home had turned into a cockfighting arena. 
Her mother’s passing hit her with a strong desire to return to hometown and build a house of her own. All the while, Hong Kong was at the height of the new migration wave. My sisters and I took the chance of the funeral to apply for our Thai passports during our short stay in the country.
I started to see my identity and family with a new perspective as life led my mother and I to walk the same paths but in the opposite direction. When I look into the old wooden mirror in my grandmother’s room, the image in the mirror stays the same. 


Director’s Statement 導演闡述
The film documents my mother’s struggle to choose between her hometown in Thailand and her family in Hong Kong. At the height of the migration wave, I have also been considering leaving Hong Kong. When I discovered that my mother left Thailand and gave birth to me in Hong Kong when she was my age, the parallel struck me to see my mother in a new light – that she was once a courageous and determined young woman. I began to look into my relationship with her and hers with her mother. We have always been distant, and I am now trying to understand her through the camera lens.
The camera followed my mother to her hometown. With the language barrier, I am left to observe only with my eyes. I saw a woman in her 60s travel a long way to return home, only to discover that her mother no longer recognized her. I saw how she coped with the death of her mother. I saw her planning her retirement in Thailand. I listened to her when she contemplated where she wished to be buried. There I see the similarities between us, the Thai-ness in me.
I might leave the place where I grew up just like she did. Will there be no one to remember that I once lived here? When everything changes, what can we hold on to?


Director 導演

Wong Cheuk Man 黃勺嫚
Her documentary work Yeung Yeung with Cows won the Silver Award at the 19th ifva Open Category, and her fiction short Piled Cloud was awarded Best Screenplay in Open Category of the 11th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival, and the Silver Award at the 23rd ifva Open Category. Her latest work SUSHI was shortlisted at the 17th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival.

紀錄片作品《牽牛花》獲第19屆 ifva 公開組銀獎;短片作品《積雲》獲第11屆鮮浪潮國際短片節最佳編劇及第23屆 ifva 公開組銀獎。新作《SUSHI》入圍第17屆新浪潮國際短片節。

Producer 監製

Jessie Coo Oi-yee 郭靄儀
Born in Hong Kong, Jessie Coo graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a double major of Comparative Literature and Media and Cultural Studies. She curates and coordinates projects encircling diverse art forms. Additionally, she has produced short films and programmes commissioned by Radio Television Hong Kong.