When Strange Wind Blows: A Family Portrait | 怪風十日談

Experimental 實驗


Production Stage
Work-In-Progress 製作中

Total Budget
US$ 63,299

Goal 參與目標
Script Refining, Technical Support, Funds, (Co-)producer, Production Team

Logline 故事摘要
A family is falling apart: Dad in debt, affair, stroke, and dementia. Sister emigrates, but Mom can’t let go. Director confronts the family through intimate cell phone lenses, questioning: why do we still love each other?

Synopsis 故事大綱
The director’s parents fled to Hong Kong in the 1970s from China, and made a living by building bamboo scaffolding over the years. As a family of five with three children, they shared decades of peaceful days until a nosedive in the year of Typhoon Mangkhut striking Hong Kong in 2018.
The father’s affair, business failures, stroke, dementia, and unusual temper shattered the family. The typhoon destroyed the father’s massive bamboo scaffold, while two blocks away from the construction site, the director fractured someone’s cheekbone and was arrested.
Years went by and the family moved on. The children moved out as a result of emigration or marriage, leaving the mother in their once vibrant home, caring for her husband whom she both loved and resented. Thinking the storm had passed, the father went missing one day, revealing he had given away all his savings to a mistress in mainland China.
As the youngest child, a decade apart from his siblings, the director could only document the family’s turmoil with his phone, confronting the complexities of indiscernible emotions over the years.


Director’s Statement 導演闡述
I yearn to escape this stifling city like my sister did, but they make it hard, the ones who cause me the most heartache.
Since 2017, I have been recording everyday life and even conflicts in my family with my cell phone. There is no clear purpose, just a documentation impulse. Being 10 years younger than my siblings, I have no way to intervene. Facing the complexities of relationships and emotions through the lens grounds me amidst the storm.
Only by capturing these moments can I connect with myself and them. Amidst the painful reality and intimate recordings, I ponder on countless questions: How did we end up in such a wretched state, yet still carrying boundless goodwill and love? Morality and love for our mother prevent us from forgiving our father, but we cannot hold grudges. Instead, we tirelessly support from behind, fueled by past happiness and kindness. Why does our mother, who endures the greatest hardship, find it so hard to let go?
Piecing together the fragments, I hope this once blissful family doesn’t just vanish but stay remembered.


Director 導演

Tsang Yuk Hei 曾旭熙
Graduated from the School of Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong and Master of Art in Philosophy of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Works include RTHK drama series Moonrise After, experimental video projects Ho-Yat-Kwan and Mind. His short film Morning was nominated for the Image Forum Festival Tokyo, South Taiwan Film Festival and Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival.

畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體學院,並於香港中文大學取得哲學系碩士。作品包括短片《無念》、香港電台劇集《浮城之後》、實驗錄像計劃《何逸君》及《念》,曾入圍日本Image Forum Festival、台灣南⽅影展及鮮浪潮國際短片節。

Film Unit / Production Company 影像單位 / 製作公司
Concrete Lab