Words from the Creative Director

Eye Catcher Global 2023

Eye Catcher has stepped into its second year, having weathered the pandemic and emerged stronger than ever with the return of physical events. As for myself, I have completed my debut feature film, Hong Kong Family and earned the title of director. Yet, this newfound role has not altered my identity as an independent creator. I still believe that visual media are mere tools, and that thoughts and ideas are what hold the essence. In the end, we cannot escape the calling to pursue what truly matters to us. I hope to continue participating in the arts in various capacities, embracing new roles and exploring fresh perspectives. Over the years, it has been a challenge to persist in doing what I believe in here in Hong Kong. This year, I am delighted that foreign filmmakers can finally come and participate in our Eye Catcher Global Week. I am particularly grateful to KIM Yutani, the programme director of Sundance, and senior programmer Mike PLANTE, for their invaluable support. Thanks to them, we are honoured to welcome Sundance filmmakers and programmers to Eye Catcher Global this year. This holds a special significance for me, as attending Sundance in 2019 and 2020 inspired me to co-found Eye Catcher. I look forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming events.

TSANG Hing Weng Eric
Creative Director, Eye Catcher


奪目踏入第二個年頭。我們總算捱過了疫情,全面恢復實體活動,而我也完成了我的首部劇情片《過時・過節》,多了個電影導演的頭銜,卻沒有改變我作為獨立創作者的身份,我仍然相信不同影像類型只是方法的種種,念頭才是本質,到頭來還躲不過要做心裡在乎的事。來日方長,希望能一直以不同身份參與藝術。這些年要在香港持續地做自己相信的事,好不容易,今年尤其欣喜外國的影人終於可以親身來港,參加我們的Eye Catcher Global,當中特別感謝 Sundance 的節目總監KIM Yutani 及資深選片人Mike PLANTE,在他們的支持下,今年我們有 Sundance 的選片人和導演參加 Eye Catcher,這對我來說別具意義,因為我正正是在2019和2020年連續2年在 Sundance 觀摩後,回港參與創立Eye Catcher的。期待在接下來的活動中見到大家。

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