Words from the Vice Chairperson

This city is always full of creativity and imagination. I am not just talking about the COVID-19 strategies proposed by the government. I could never imagine that we are now talking about making movies while all the cinemas are closed. Nor could I imagine that I cannot have my hair cut before this forum because all the salons are closed.

What I am truly amazed at is the creativity and imagination each team demonstrated this afternoon. We have seen an animation about the very down-to-earth Cha Chaan Teng foods, documentaries on kids and elderlies, several dramas exploring sex and sexuality, and experimental projects on chill on the one hand, and fire on the other. They really catch my eyes.

However, to make a movie idea into reality, we cannot just stop at the imagination stage. Communication is equally important. It takes some techniques for a story owner to convey the message to prospective stakeholders – usually without a single second of footage. I must say that today every team has done a very good job. We hear clear and loud the central ideas you want to present, as well as the grave financial limitation that you are facing.

Before I stop, I must take this opportunity to thank all the jury members for their valuable time and comments. I hope you enjoy this afternoon’s forum as much as I do. I also wish each team the best of luck to get funded. I cannot wait to see all these projects on the big screen.

Lastly, imagination transcends the screen. But we need to have the screens available first. May we survive this pandemic, and see each other in cinemas again in the near future.

SIU Wai Ip Eric

Vice Chairperson – Renaissance Foundation

5th March 2022






文藝復興基金會 副主席