《再見,香港仔》 | Goodbye, Aberdeen







100 mins


Production Stage






A hawkersson, who has long despised his parentsjob, rediscovers how the vanishing Aberdeen Market matters before its reconstruction, unravelling the intersection between hawkerslife trajectories and the citys socio-historical transition.









Goodbye, Aberdeen seeks to document three hawkersfamily stories before and during the reconstruction of Aberdeen Market. 

Fung has never felt the market familiar, even though his parents Hoi-tong and Pun have been working there for nearly 40 years. Having revisited this vanishing market, he discovers how this place matters to him. Hoi-tong met Pun at Hee Kee, her mothers vegetable store, yet the couple rarely enjoyed a romantic time. Urban subaltern love stories are full of tensions between debts and favour, freedom and responsibility. 

Shing (勝) literally means victory in Chinese. Yet Shing Kee hardly feels victorious his entire life. In the 1980s, Shing Kee reluctantly left the foreign-funded company and took over his father’s coffee hawker stall. For thirty years he has experienced and witnessed ridicule and hypocrisy, leaving no feeling of nostalgia for this wet market. 

Wing-hang finally decided to accompany his mother to keep his fathers time-honoured brand of a dried seafood shop. However, in 2021, the young man bids farewell to this city, starting his new life in London.

Two generations of business heirs pursue three different trajectories. Be it staying, leaving or closing down the business, the documentary delineates how hawkerslife trajectories intersect with the citys socio-historical transition.


Director’s Statement

「策劃《再見,香港仔》的初衷很簡單:記錄我父母,還有香港仔街市一眾檔主的生命故事。街市在香港,總被描繪成老舊之地,難逃發展重建的命運,一切堅固的東西,彷若煙消雲散。然而,這種想像,多多少少隱沒了檔主們日復日的真實感受,我希望這趟「尋鄉」之旅,能呈現被香港主流忽略的聲音。」—— 鍾曉烽(聯合導演、監製)



The reason I curated Goodbye, Aberdeen is simple. I hope to document the life stories of my parents, and those folks who have been dwelling in the Aberdeen Market. Wet markets in Hong Kong are often portrayed as an old-fashioned and nostalgic place, and are destined to be demolished and redeveloped. The sentimental portrayal and imagination somehow override the actual feelings and thoughts of these market women and men. Through the root-seeking journey, I hope to visualise and present these marginalised voices. —  CHUNG, Hiu Fung (Co-Director, Producer)

Goodbye, Aberdeen is a story about Hong Kong urban subaltern culture. A market is like an underworld where one could find kindness, resentment, resignation, banality and goodness. Apart from making a living, one also witnesses freedom, bonding, ideals and responsibility.  Reconstruction represents the death and life of a city. These choices of staying, leaving or returning are coincidental with the motif of Hongkongers over the past few years. A public wet market seemingly echoes with this citys destiny. — WONG, Ka Wai Dorothy (Co-Director)


Total Budget

US $65,754

聯合導演 / 監製

Co-Director / Producer


CHUNG Hiu Fung


CHUNG Hiu Fung obtained his MPhil in Communication from the School of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He worked as a part-time assistant director for documentary production at the Radio Television Hong Kong. With a keen interest in urban development, histories of the subaltern culture and social inequalities, he seeks to unravel cultural texture, social tensions and historical transformation of Hong Kong through visual story-telling.




WONG Ka Wai, Dorothy


Dorothy WONG graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and obtained her master’s degree from Malmö University in Sweden. She has worked at various advertising agencies and local media. She is now the Program Director at a local social enterprise, promoting media literacy education and producing knowledge documentaries.


Cinematographer / Editor


LI Kai Ho


李啟浩,Fin Fin 影像工作室共同創辦人,畢業於香港演藝學院,作品曾於本土及海外電影節參展。


LI Kai Ho, graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, is the co-founder of Fin Fin visual studio. His works have been screened in different local and overseas film festivals.

影像單位 / 製作公司

Film Unit / Production Company



Mars Media Academy

Fin Fin 工作室

Fin Fin Studio