Joe HUANG, part-time teacher for film aesthetics, sees himself as a freelancer for film art, but somehow works like a blue-collar. He is an independent curator, whom serves as the Artistic Director and Executive Director of the South Taiwan Film Festival after studying in Sound & Image Studies in management of TNNUA. Joe has been a juror and guest curator for several institutes and film festivals, including Taiwan International Documentary Festival (2022), Busan Inter–City Film Festival, Macao International Documentary Film Festival (2021), etc.

現任臺灣南方影展藝術總監、獨立策展人,南方影像學會常務理事。歷任TIDF 台灣國際紀錄片影展初審評審(2022)、韓國釜山城際電影節、澳門國際紀錄片電影節交流策畫(2021)、台北電影獎紀錄片組初審評審(2020)、東京藝術大學映像研究科「台湾COI」專題策畫(2017)。

Joe HUANG 黃柏喬

Taiwan | The South Taiwan Film Festival