Lawrence KAN was born in Hong Kong. He graduated from Vancouver Film School in 2009 and returned to hometown, then founded Marc. Two Visuals.
KAN’s directorial debut When C Goes with G7 (2013) is a story about Hong Kong youngsters’ growth and development into adulthood. The film was selected for the “Hong Kong First” section of Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2013. In 2014, he was invited to perform at the opening sequence of the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony. From 2019-2023, Kan has been a member of the Hong Kong Film Awards creative team. 
In 2021, he directed his first drama series In Geek We Trust for Viu TV, which was the first Hong Kong TV drama to be screened at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival. Lead actors of the drama, Ling Man-lung and Kaki Sham were nominated for Best Rising Star and Best Supporting Actor respectively at the Busan International Film Festival’s Asia Contents Award, with Ling winning the Best Rising Star Awards.
In 2022, KAN directed his second feature film In Broad Daylight, produced by director Derek YEE. 

香港出生,2009年溫哥華電影學校電影製作系畢業回港,創辦Marc. Two 製作公司。
簡氏的第一部電影《當C遇上G7》以成長為主題,講述香港年青人在成長步伐中面對的故事,入圍2013年香港亞洲電影節「香港首作」單元。他於2014年為第33屆香港電影金像獎頒獎典禮擔任開場嘉賓。2019 – 2023 年間參與香港電影金像獎創作組。
2021年執導及創作Viu TV電視劇《IT狗》,並成為首次納入香港亞洲電影節的香港電視劇。演員凌文龍及岑珈其亦分別憑該劇角色提名釜山電影節-亞洲內容大獎最佳新演員及最佳男配角,凌文龍最終獲獎。

Lawrence KAN 簡君晉

Hong Kong