LIAO Jiekai is a filmmaker and artist based in Singapore. He is a founding member of the film collective 13 Little Pictures. Since 2005, he has directed a number of shorts and feature films, most notably Before the Wedlock House won the Best Documentary Short at the 2nd Salaya International Documentary Film Festival, and another short The Mist won the best director prize at Singapore International Film Festival’s Silver Screen Awards. His 2010 debut feature film, Red Dragonflies, won the Special Jury Prize at the Jeonju International Film Festival and was selected for competition at various film festivals such as Buenos Aires, Santiago, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo. In 2012, Jiekai was conferred the Young Artist Award by the National Arts Council of Singapore.

新加坡電影工作者、藝術家、製作公司13 Little Pictures創辦⼈之⼀。自2005年起製作多部短片及長片,其中Before the Wedlock House獲選第2屆薩拉亞國際紀錄片節最佳紀錄短⽚;另憑短片The Mist獲得新加坡國際電影節銀屏獎最佳導演;2010年⾸部長⽚《紅蜻蜓》榮獲全州國際電影節特別評審奬,並入選布宜諾斯艾利斯、聖地牙哥、香港、上海以及東京電影節的競賽單元。 2012年,廖獲新加坡國家藝術委員會頒發年⻘藝術家獎(電影)。

LIAO Jiekai 廖捷凱

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