STEPHEN Mary 雪美蓮

Mary STEPHEN was an editor and co-composer for the director Éric Rohmer. She worked as an editor for numerous Chinese and Hong Kong productions, including LI Yang‘s Blind Mountain (2007), Lixin FAN‘s documentary Last Train Home (2009), Jessey TSANG‘s documentary Flowing Stories (2014), and Ann HUI‘s Our Time Will Come, which was selected for Best Editing at the Taiwan Golden Horse Film Festival 2017. Mary has been a member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science since 2016.

雪美蓮為Eric Rohmer導演的御用剪接及配樂師,作品包括李楊的《盲山》(2007)、范立欣的《歸途列車》(2009)、曾翠珊的《河上變村》(2014)以及入圍 2017年金馬影展 TGHFF最佳剪輯的許鞍華電影《明月幾時有》。2016年起任奧斯卡影藝學院會員。