SO Ka Ue 蘇家榆

Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. SO worked for Oscar-winning filmmaker Ruby YANG as an editing assistant for In Search Of Perfect Consonances and Ritoma, and as an editor for China’s Forgotten Daughters. Her works also include Dong Pui Sun And Me and the post-production of Helios, Trivisa, Three and Anita.

畢業於香港演藝電影電視學院。曾擔任奧斯卡得獎導演楊紫燁《尋找完美第五度》 及《仁多瑪》 剪接助理, 及執剪《江南女兒》、《董培新與我》,亦參與包括《樹大招風》、《梅艷芳》等多部香港電影後期製作。