Words from the Director General

Eye Catcher Global 2023

Eye Catcher took place during the tumultuous aftermath of the pandemic in Hong Kong. As uncertainty and anxiety loomed over the city, our beloved home and her people are experiencing unprecedented levels of pain and suffering. Ordinary individuals found their senses heightened, let alone artists and creators whose creative spirits are undoubtedly undimmed. Not to mention how every person possesses the potential to tap into their creativity and become a creator. This inescapable weight or feeling of helplessness constantly tugs at us, straining the balance between the mundane and the impermanence. By confronting and embracing these challenges, whether by immersing ourselves in them or soaring above them and by concentrating on what we are still capable of achieving, we can stand alongside the souls who have battled through history and the present day’s struggles.

Therefore, Eye Catcher endeavours to support filmmakers in upholding their vision and sense of community, and to carry on the spirit of cross-disciplinary innovation, independent thought, and self-producing works. In the realm of independent cinema, I believe that two factors are critical: one is the focus on individuality rooted in human nature, and the other is the creativity inspired by empathy. In essence, it involves the steadfast observation of challenges, showing compassion for those affected by it, and delving into the intricacies of the human condition within these struggles. Through the use of light, sound, and storytelling, independent filmmakers can create a profound resonance that speaks to the hearts and souls of their audiences.

At the upcoming ECG 2023, which will feature international guests for the very first time, we place great value on the power of in-person dialogue and the exchange of heartfelt gazes. Be it the unveiling of new projects at the International Pitching Forum, the mesmerising film screenings at the Eye Catcher Showcases, or the thought-provoking discussions at our Industry Forum on innovative platforms and the development of emerging filmmakers, we warmly welcome all attendees to bring their queries, an open-minded approach, and a heart eager to connect with others. We earnestly hope that local filmmakers and industry professionals will not only engage in fruitful discussions with their international fellows but also establish concrete partnerships that lead to meaningful collaborations.

May we find peace in our world, and dance joyfully through life without waiting another century to pass us by.

CHAI Ziwen, Samuel
Director General
Eye Catcher | Renaissance Foundation




在首次有國際嘉賓參與的實體活動ECG 2023中,我們特別珍視面對面的對話、眼神與眼神的交換。無論是國際提案大會的新項目拓展,還是奪目展映的影片盛宴,或是產業論壇探討平台新出路、新導演成長等話題,都希望參加者帶着自己的問題、開放的態度、連結的心。如此,期盼本地影人、業界人士能夠與來自海外的嘉賓不止務虛,還能達成實際的合作。


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