13 Little Pictures

Based in Singapore, 13 Little Pictures produces and promotes films that celebrate cinema with all its diversities. Making films and friends at the same time, 13 Little Pictures works together in the belief that taking this journey together – challenging, inspiring, helping and supporting each other – fosters a sense of community in our individual exploration of the possibilities of cinema. To date, 13 Little Pictures has organised three film labs and made more than 20 feature-length and short films.

新加坡電影製作公司,致力於製作和推廣多元電影作品。在電影製作的同時,亦確信與志同道合的朋友在互相挑戰、啟發、幫助和支持的旅程中,不僅能探索電影的可能性,也能建立出一種社群意識。13 Little Pictures至今已組織了3個電影培訓計劃,並製作了20多部長短片作品。