Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum 香港亞洲電影投資會

The Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF), the flagship event of the Industry Office, is widely recognised as Asia’s premier film financing platform. HAF brings Asian filmmakers with upcoming film projects to Hong Kong for co-production ventures with top film financiers, producers, bankers, funding bodies, sales agents, distributors, and buyers. Around 30 in-development projects (IDP) and 10 work-in-progress projects (WIP) are selected annually to participate in the three-day event attended by more than 1,000 filmmakers and financiers from over 35 countries and regions. HAF has the added advantage of being held in conjunction with Hong Kong FILMART, Asia’s largest film market, attracting over 8,000 professionals.
HAF will enter its 22nd edition in 2024.

香港亞洲電影投資會(HAF)在政府機構創意香港及電影發展基金支持下於2000年首辦,現已成為亞洲首要的電影融資平台。HAF 每年選出約30個發展中項目及約10個製作中項目,並邀請入圍電影計劃製作人於為期三日的投資會,與過千名來自最少35個國家及地區的投資者、製片人、發行商和買家洽談合作,為亞洲電影人提供平台,開拓商機。HAF與香港國際影視展(FILMART)同期舉辦,屆時將匯集超過八千名專業人士。