Review on International Pitching Forum 2022 回顧:國際提案大會2022

Date: 5th – 6th March, 2023

The 16 groups of shortlisted participants, whose projects themes vary from wet market to rural area, from old-fashioned Cha Chaan Teng to virtual world, from reality to imagination. The journey and wishes from Vietnamese refugee, hawkers under the changing era, how would our lives be in the post-pandemic period?  All are trying to capture humans’ rage, obsessiveness, attachment, compromise and creativity……The International Pitching Forum 21/22 was held online, while the promising film projects had 15 minutes each to pitch their projects for 4 awards and funding with HKD 300,000 in total.
In the 180 days and more we have walked through together, what have all the emerging filmmakers and Eye Catcher Incubation Programme experienced?



Eye Catcher 2021/22 Programme Summary