Short Film Conference Membership

Eye Catcher is proud to become the first Hong Kong member of the Short Film Conference (SFC)!

The Short Film Conference is a world-wide organisation that came into being in 1970, and has the task of promoting the distribution and screening of short films, calling attention to and improving the position of short films at international film festivals, providing support for festivals with a positive attitude towards short films, increasing the exchange of ideas and information between festival organisers and national short film supporters groups, as well as spreading world-wide information on new short films and their production in different countries.

An international Short Film Conference is organised annually during the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, which consists of a series of presentations, panel discussions and industry talks. Besides, there is also ongoing research on the film market, including Gender Representation in the Short Film Industry, and expanding the scope of the Code of Ethics for better guidelines to the benefit of filmmakers, audiences and the whole industry.

Eye Catcher aims to incubate more short films in the near future. In order to achieve this goal, we just launched a Short Film Fund for our Incubation Programme 2023/24 which helps local film talents turn their film projects into short films on screen. The SFC membership will definitely bring synergy to our latest plan. We are looking forward to working together for the bloom of shorts!

More about SFC

奪目影像很高興能夠加入the Short Film Conference (SFC),作為香港的第一位成員!

Short Film Conference是一個成立於1970年的世界組織,一直致力於支持短片的發行及放映,號召國際影展觀眾對於短片的定位及關注,積極為電影節提供短片上的支援。同時亦協助短片支持機構和電影節主辦之間的交流,希望把短片的新方向與製作模式散播到世界各地。