Eye Catcher Showcase 2023 Red Dragonflies: A Fiery Passion of Youth
奪目展映2023 紅蜻蜓的青春火花

Red Dragonflies: A Fiery Passion of Youth

Date: 16 June 2023 (Fri)

Venue: Broadway Cinematheque

@Eye Catcher Global 2023

Post-Screening Talk Guest: LIAO Jiekai

Moderator: Jun LI

During the post-screening talk, we had the Singaporean filmmaker, artist and educator based in Singapore and Tokyo, as well as the director of Red Dragonflies, LIAO Jiekai, together with the director of Drifting, Jun LI as the moderator, discussed the taste of nostalgia and passion of youth in the 3 selected films.

“I wanted to make a film about those memories I had.” After studying filmmaking in Chicago, America, Jiekai came back to Singapore for his artistic career. The abandoned railway tracks the audience saw later in Red Dragonflies, were an impressive occasion Jiekai had when he was on the bus way back home in Singapore.

Red Dragonflies is a personal story to Jiekai. The childhood part belongs to Jiekai’s high school memories in a club, having adventures with schoolmates by hiking that railway track as an outdoor tracking and hunting activity. Furthermore, the adult characters in the film also represent Jiekai in his life. The mixed feelings when coming back to a place one used to be very familiar with, observing the changes over the years, in some way overlaps with the woman’s experience when she rekindles an old friendship with a high school friend.

Red Dragonflies is shown with 2 other short films made by local students which were both awarded in the ifva (Youth Category). Jiekai also mentioned that “films are breaking a record of the time they are in”, especially under such a post-pandemic period. Years later we may look back and recognise it’s such a specific point for the environment, the city the characters (or we) were living in. No matter how long the production process takes, how painful it is in the editing room…… that’s the power of films to keep filmmakers’ and audiences’ passion.




@Eye Catcher Global 2023