Eye Catcher Showcase 2023 When the Nepalese Hen meets the Gansu Camel
奪目展映2023 當尼泊爾母雞遇上甘肅駱駝

When the Nepalese Hen meets the Gansu Camel

Date: 17 June 2023 (Sat)

Venue: Broadway Cinematheque

@Eye Catcher Global 2023

Post-Screening Talk Guests: Min Bahadur BHAM, WONG Ka-ki

Coming up to our 3rd Showcase, the Nepalese director Min Bahadur BHAM brought his first feature film The Black Hen (Kalo Pothi), together with our promising young filmmaker Ka-ki with her Wild Child, joined us with the post-screening talk, in juxtaposing their adventure and challenges during production.

“People always say you never work with children or animals.” It seemed to become a widely recognised statement when shooting. Min mentioned that being his debut feature film, both children in The Black Hen were from the village he lives and for sure they were non-actors. During the long casting process, they gathered more than 500 children from different schools around the region. It was not easy to find a child who also matched the vibe and personality of the character. Not until he asked one of the children if he knew how to ride a horse, he found out the child was frightened when he really brought the horse. Although the child lied because he wanted to do the role, Min found that he was the kid he wanted to have, who was full of confidence.

Comparatively, in Ka-ki’s Wild Child, the child is actually an actor who worked on film sets before. It felt like the casting process was basically 90% of the direction already. In such a harsh environment with cold weather in Gansu, China, 5 crew members of the production team could only try their best to work out as scheduled, while it’s lucky that the kid actor was really cooperative.

“What was the deep-down force inside that made you want to make this film, what’s your message and motivation?” In the Q&A session, Min shared about his dream of making films since he was 6 or 7 years old, even before knowing about the concept of the role of a director. While stories always come from real life, observing the differences in social status and grown-up background through a shy kid’s eyes was the start, and it took a long time to come up with a script.




@Eye Catcher Global 2023


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