Simple Story | 簡單故事

Drama 劇情


Production Stage
In-Development 發展中

Total Budget
US$ 880,971

Goal 參與目標
Script Refining, Funds, Co-producer, Distribution Partner, Festival Screening

Logline 故事摘要
Liang, a stowaway from the mainland, has two kids with Huiping. The family’s days are peaceful and uneventful. However, their daughter Zitao makes an extreme decision at a time when her future looks promising.

Synopsis 故事大綱
In 1978, 17-year-old Liang smuggled himself from a rural village in China to Hong Kong. 30 years later, he worked in a hardware store, and his wife worked part-time in a supermarket to support the family. Their eldest daughter, Zitao, was an excellent student and had outstanding achievements in archery. Their younger son, Ziyang, was honest and kind, preparing to attend middle school. With the efforts of the couple, their children were able to grow up strong and healthy. The family of four lived an ordinary but warm life in the crowded city.
Liang’s life began to change after he lost his job due to an accident. Growing up in a harsh rural environment and having a past marked by desperate smuggling, he had a subconscious fear and anxiety about the future, which transferred to his family. Zitao was going through adolescence and started to exhibit rebellious behavior. She began to glimpse the confusion of life, the impermanence of the world, and the invisible socialization. Faced with these challenges, even her parents could only be outsiders. Liang saw his daughter walking towards destruction, but he didn’t know what he could do for her. After receiving a rare sports honor, Zitao chose to end her young life.
8 years later, their son Ziyang grew up and was once again observed through his perspective. The parents still couldn’t let go of the past, but time forced everyone to move forward step by step. Ziyang, like his father, was destined to grow from an honest and happy child into a young man with scars and a closed heart.

8 年後,兒子子洋長大成人,並再次以他的視覺觀察著。父母仍對往事不能釋懷,只是時間逼迫著每個人一步步向前。子洋宿命般地如父親一樣,由憨厚快樂的小孩,成長為背負傷痕並封閉內心的青年人。

Director’s Statement 導演闡述
The movies I imagine are often based on personal experience, but the experience of others have also had a great influence on me. They have led me to believe that memories can be inherited. Whenever when my father shared stories of his childhood or his experience of smuggling into Hong Kong as a young man, the first-hand knowledge I got was even miraculously more profound than most of my own experiences. These experiences have given me memories that predate cognitive abilities, and have convinced me that the subtle connection between the fate of the predecessors and the future transcends the cycle of life. Our story doesn’t begin with the physical signs of life we see right now; it started very early, and continues to this day. As I was growing up, movies were never absent from my construction of memory. And I aim to share a childhood memory from the 2000s. As I listen to my father’s stories, I will continue to write them down in my own way.


Director 導演

YUNG Tsz Hong 翁子康
YUNG Tsz Hong graduated from the School of Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong. He has directed short films including Fresh Wave’s award-winning works Victoria and Wilhelm Tell, and the Radio Television Hong Kong drama series Nooning. In 2020, he was shortlisted for the mm2 Hong Kong Emerging Directors Program. The short film Breath in the Wild which was produced in VR, was selected for the Athens Digital Arts Festival.

畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體學院。編導短片有鮮浪潮作品《游離份子》,香港電台劇集《遊夢》。2020年入圍mm2 Hong Kong新晉導演計劃。最VR製作短片《曠野》入選雅典數碼媒體節。

Film Unit / Production Company 影像單位 / 製作公司
Concrete Lab is a thinking lab that invites creative works with a focus on, but not limited to, videography. Concrete Lab experiments with media art in terms of concepts, forms, contents and technologies,  as an employment of thought experiments and philosophical practices.

Concrete Lab是思想實驗室,是一個開放的思辨和創作聚腳點。創作上以影像為主但不限於此:思考媒體本質,實驗媒體藝術在概念、形式、內容和技術上的潛能,是思想實驗也是哲學實踐。