Storytelling Workshop 2
故事發展工作坊 2

Date: 13th November, 2022

Mentor: Ashley Cheung Yin Kei

@Incubation 2022

Ashley Cheung Yin Kei, the director of the Fresh Wave short film Life on the Line and the screenwriter of One Second Champion, gave the second storytelling workshop and discussed various genres and scripts with the audience: a story in a story, fiction in a story, how to balance the ebbing and the compatibility of the real world, and how to let the audience tell the real from the fictitious. There are myriad methods of storytelling. The most suitable one can be discovered in the original creative motivation.

In the one-on-one exchange, Cheung mentioned some common problems in the creative process: how to find out what we want to say and how to say it. Behind every film, long or short, might be just a simple conviction. After the introductions in the summary and outline, each scene, each line of the dialog, and each scene transition are linked to what the author tries to express in the story. We have a lot to say and insist on our way of expression. We absorb and transform what we intend for the audience to receive and what each stakeholder thinks and needs. We balance our confidence in our story and heed suggestions from others. These are the common issues in everyone’s creative process.



@廠牌計劃 2022