The South Taiwan Film Festival 南方影展

The South Taiwan Film Festival (STFF) was founded in 2001 by professors and students from the College of Sound and Image Arts at National Tainan University of the Arts as an independent film festival. It has been over 20 years since its establishment. Later, the Southern Film Association was established and rooted in Tainan City.
The STFF is held biennially and in addition to the “The South Award—Chinese Films Competition,” which focuses on Chinese artists with aesthetic and social issue, it also holds “Panorama” and “Auteur vision”, and collaborates with other film festivals in Asia, committed to providing a promotion and communication platform to filmmakers and audience globally.
Based on visual aesthetics and contemporary social issues, the STFF is not just a commercial activity, but a platform that stimulates creators and audiences’ collective imagination and making action. STFF can be an art exhibition and also an inspiration of social participation.