Eye Catcher 2023/24 Open Call for Entries

Lights, Camera, Action! 

Having garnered valuable experience from the previous years, we are setting new goals and bringing in exciting changes to our upcoming Eye Catcher Incubation Programme and Eye Catcher Global 2024. Eye Catcher strives to continue our support to independent filmmakers in Hong Kong and be a catalyst to innovative and original moving image projects. 

1st Phase – Eye Catcher Incubation Programme. Throughout the 4-month programme, a series of workshops and coaching on creative ideas, production and pitching will be provided to all selected units. A total of 12 units will be selected in the categories of Literary Adaptation, Environmental Documentary, and Infinite Innovation. All selected film units will stand a chance to be rewarded funding from Project Sparks (maximum 4 units will be rewarded with a maximum of HKD100,000 per film) and take part in the International Pitching Forum at Eye Catcher Global 2024.

2nd Phase – Eye Catcher Global 2024. Scheduled to take place in summer 2024, Eye Catcher Global 2024 will continue to connect the local filmmaking community to the world. The International Pitching Forum provides local filmmakers an international platform to share their original ideas and production plans, and compete for fundings and other resources. A series of industry events, facilitating cultural exchange among delegates from around the world, will also help build a unique network that will harness the growth of the independent filmmaking community. Stay tuned and don’t miss out!

Eye Catcher Incubation Programme 2023/24 Details

NOV 2023 – FEB 2024 (Most events will take place during weekends)

  • Creative Workshop
  • Production Workshop
  • Pitching Workshop
  • Mentorship Programme
  • Incubation Pitching
  • Project Sparks (Short Film Fund)

Programme Categories

① Literary Adaptation

Mentor: HONG Heng Fai

With their own unique languages, literature and film influence and inspire each other. Why are film adaptations from literary works common around the globe but not in Hong Kong? The Eye Catcher Incubation Programme sets out to encourage interdisciplinary collaborations that bring literature to the big screen.

Paying tribute to Hong Kong author and scholar, CHAN Koon Chung, applicants may adopt authorised works by CHAN to create their own short films. Plot modification and character redevelopment are only some of the ways to reinterpret a classic literary work through the lens of film. We are currently accepting film project applications – surprise us with your original viewpoint on how to transform, reimagine and reinvent local literary works with moving images.  

List of authorised works – The Hong Kong Trilogy (2013 revised edition) by CHAN Koon Chung:
The Enigma of A Night Banquet (YeYan JingSuiJi) 
2. The Dreaming of Sunscreen
3. Nothing Happened 
4. Can Do Cafeteria
5. Hit by a Book on the Head (Bei Shu DingZhong Toubu De YiTian)

② Environmental Documentary

Mentor: Fredie CHAN Ho Lun

Hong Kong’s natural landscapes, cultural artefacts, and even its flora and fauna are irreplaceable in the sense that they stand as a testament of the history and the ever-changing presence of Hong Kong. However, the stories have long been underrepresented in films. In the face of irreversible environmental and cultural changes, it becomes crucial to observe and document the ecological stories of Hong Kong. 

The Eye Catcher Incubation Programme draws focus on ecological and cultural documentaries. Applicants may explore themes like ecological environments, climate change, land conservation, or any other ecological issues to inspire empathy and drive change through non-fiction storytelling.

③ Infinite Innovation

Mentor: (Matching procedure after project selection)

At the current time of drastic changes, what is the one story in your mind that you feel compelled to tell? Any idea is worthy to be seen on the screen. Be it a story based on personal experience or true events, work across genres, or an experiment of form and narrative, we encourage you to leave all constraints of genre and length behind and let your imagination transcend the screen!

*There is no limitation on length for any of the 3 categories. Please also refer to the Application Details below.

Opportunities upon Completion of Programme

  1. All selected film projects, regardless of length, through Incubation Pitching, will be eligible to compete for the entry to the International Pitching Forum of Eye Catcher Global 2024.
  2. With complete production plans, short film projects from the 3 categories will have a chance to compete for Project Sparks (short film fund), a maximum production budget of HKD 100,000 per film, 4 projects in total.
    a) Each winning film project will be assigned one producer (mentor from the Incubation Programme) by the organiser;
    b) The short films must be completed and submitted by 31 August 2024;
    c) The copyright of the short film belongs exclusively to the production team, while Eye Catcher reserves the rights to screen and use the film;
    d) If the selected film project to the Incubation Programme is a feature-length one, the corresponding short film version is eligible for the selection of Project Sparks;
    e) The selection for Project Sparks is scheduled in late February 2024.

Application Details

Fee: HKD 2,000 per unit (payment to be made after selection)

Deadline: 11 October 2023 at 23:59 (GMT+8:00 Hong Kong Time)

Interview: Late October 2023

*All information must be submitted through the Online Application Form.

Online Application Closed

12 Selected Film Projects Info

Required Materials
🟡Literary Adaptation 🔴Environmental Documentary 🔵Infinite Innovation

🟡 🔵 🔴 Logline (Chinese: up to 60 words)
🟡 🔵 🔴 Synopsis (Chinese: up to 300 words)
🟡 🔵 🔴 Director’s Statement (Chinese: up to 300 words)
🟡 🔵 🔴 Director(s)’ Biograph(ies) (Chinese: up to 100 words per person)
🟡 🔵 🔴 Cop(ies) of Director(s)’ Hong Kong Identity Card(s)
🟡 🔵 🔴 Director(s)’ Filmograph(ies) (Preview links and passwords are to be included)
🟡 🔵 🔴 Treatment (No word limit)
🟡 🔵 🔴 Production Plan (No word limit)
🟡 🔵 🔴 Budget Plan (Submit in PDF format)
🟡 🔵        Full Scene Outline

Optional Materials

• Producer or Key Creative Members’ Biography (Chinese: up to 100 words per person)
• Producer or Key Creative Members’ Filmography (Preview links and passwords are to be  included)
• Film Unit/Production Company Profile (Chinese: up to 100 words)

• Full Script in Chinese and/or English (Submit in PDF format)

• A maximum of 3 video clips for each film project. Each clip should be no longer than 10 minutes. (Preview links and passwords are to be included)
• Other Supplementary Information (Submit in PDF format)


  1. The film project director or one of the co-directors must be one of the film unit members and a resident of Hong Kong.
  2. Applications shall be submitted as individuals or as a team, each film unit should consist of no more than 3 members if applying as a team.
  3. All submitted projects should be participants’ original production, plagiarism and/or imposter is strictly prohibited. If any violation is found, applicants would be permanently disqualified from all future events presented by the Renaissance Foundation.
  4. One submission form is for one project submission only. 
  5. Please follow all the requirements on character limits when filling or uploading application materials. 
  6. Submissions missing any required materials will not be processed. 
  7. No submitted materials will be returned. Please save a copy if necessary. 
  8. Personal data, film project information and materials submitted will be treated as confidential and will be used by Eye Catcher, their affiliates or designated personnel only.
  9. Due to the limited quota, selected projects will be selected according to the applications. The organiser reserves the right of change and final decision.
  10. The organiser will notify the selected units via email. 
  11. The selected film project quota is non-transferrable and the fees paid by applicants who withdraw from the programme are non-refundable.
  12. The organiser reserves the right to refuse the continued participation of any participant with inappropriate behaviour, and the fees paid are non-refundable.
  13. All the events in the Eye Catcher Incubation Programme 2023/24 will primarily be conducted in Chinese, no translation or interpretation services will be provided.
  14. If there are any changes in the programme, please refer to the latest announcement from the organiser.
  15. To protect the rights and interests of participants, all participants must sign a Sharing Consent Form and fulfil their confidentiality responsibilities to safeguard the unreleased film projects.
  16. All participants are deemed to agree to authorise the organiser to photograph, film or record in all the programme events. Their images, voice, etc. may appear on online and offline publicities for non-commercial profit purposes without further notice. Any disputes arising from the dissemination of video and audio clips will not be the responsibility of the organiser.
  17. The Renaissance Foundation reserves the right of final decision and interpretation in case of any dispute.
  18. For enquiries on application or filling in the application form, please email to [email protected]

Application FAQ

1. What are the eligibilities for applying Eye Catcher Incubation Programme 23/24?
A: There are no restrictions on age or experience for applicants, nor on the themes, length, genres etc.,  innovative and pioneering film projects are encouraged. For the required materials in the Online Application, please refer to the Application Details on the Open Call for Entries webpage.

2. In the 3 Programme Categories of Literary Adaptation, Environmental Documentary, and Infinite Innovation, can my film unit members and I submit more than one film project to different categories or the same category?
A: Yes.

3. Can I use a literary work other than The Hong Kong Trilogy (2013 revised edition) by CHAN Koon Chung to apply for the Incubation Programme 23/24 Programme?
A: Eye Catcher has reached a consensus with Mr. CHAN Koon Chung regarding the adaptation of The Hong Kong Trilogy (2013 revised edition), Eye Catcher will also assist with the selected film projects upon the communication for an official copyright authorisation on literary adaptation.
Eye Catcher also accepts literary work from other authors and in different ways of reinterpretation. Please fill in the Application Form ③ Infinite Innovation for other chosen literature, and make sure you have already communicated with all the stakeholders about the copyright issues and reached a consensus before application. If your film project is selected for the Eye Catcher Incubation Programme, please provide a consent form on authorising copyright from the author or copyright holder no later than JAN 2024.

4. My film project is not the traditional type of environmental documentary capturing ecological environments and flora and fauna, can I still apply for Category ② Environmental Documentary?
A: Yes. The themes of film projects apply for Category ② can focus on but are not limited to ecological environments, climate change, land and cultural care, or other issues waiting to be explored to tell your own stories.

5. If my film project is feature-length, can I still apply for the Incubation Programme 23/24?
A: Yes. Eye Catcher hopes to support the creation, production, pitching, and community connections of film projects. If your feature film project is selected for the Project Sparks (Short Film Fund) after the Incubation Programme, the corresponding short film version production plan is required.

6. If my film unit or my film project is selected for the Incubation Programme 23/24, do my film unit members and I need to attend all the workshops and activities in the Incubation Programme in person?
A: The content of the Eye Catcher Image Incubation Programme 23/24 is tailor-made for selected film projects, online participation will NOT be provided. Directors are required to attend relevant activities in person, and it is strongly recommended that your film unit members (not exceeding 3 people) also attend the activities. Only film units with an attendance rate of over 80% will be eligible to compete in the Incubation Pitching. If the director or film unit members are unable to attend the activities for any reason, written notice is required in advance.

7. If my film project is selected for the Incubation Programme 23/24, what should I be aware of about the coming schedule?
A: The activities of the incubation project will mainly take place during weekends from NOV 2023 to FEB 2024. The specific dates, number of workshops, as well as details of other mentors and guests will be announced after the selection of film projects.

8. If my film project has been selected, or if I intend to apply with the same project in any form of funding programme(s) or pitching platform(s), can I still apply for the Eye Catcher Incubation Programme 23/24?
A: Eye Catcher accepts all film projects that fit our requirements as stated in Remarks on this “Eye Catcher 2023/24 Open Call for Entries” webpage. Please make sure you have already communicated with all the stakeholders about the copyright issues and reached a consensus before application.

Public Talk & Programme Introduction

【Review Public Talk Online (in Chinese Only)】

1)Transcending Text: The Past and The Future of Film Adaptation

Date: 20 September 2023 (Wed)
Time: 20:00 – 21:30
Venue: H6 CONET【Large Multi-Function Room ACD (G/F, The Center, 99 Queen’s Road Central)】
Joyce YANG (Film Critic, Member of Hong Kong Film Critics Society)
HONG Heng Fai (Director, Kissing the Ground You Walked On)
Dr. LI Mei Ting (Lecturer, Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, CUHK)

Introductions on Moderator & Guests

Moderator: Joyce YANG

Joyce YANG, film critic, member of Hong Kong Film Critics Society. She has served as a jury member for FIPRESCI Prizes of HKIFF, Hong Kong Fresh Wave Awards, Hong Kong ifva Awards etc. She has co-edited books on the selection of CHIU Kang-Chien’s award-winning screenplays as well as those of his late years. In 2022, she co-authored a collective memoir of Hong Kong film production managers.

Guest: HONG Heng Fai

A filmmaker from Macau. HONG’s debut feature film Kissing the Ground You Walked On (2022) won the Best Director at Young Cinema Competition (Chinese Language), HKIFF. It was also shortlisted for the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), and nominated for Best New Director, Best Cinematography and Best Sound Effects at the 59th Golden Horse Awards.

His short film Crash was selected for multiple international film festivals, and awarded in the BIFAN: Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, the South Taiwan Film Festival, China Independent Film Festival, etc. Crash was the first film from Macau that was nominated for the Best Live Action Short Film at the 53rd Golden Horse Awards.

Guest: Dr. LI Mei Ting

LI Mei Ting received her Ph.D. in Chinese Language and Literature from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her dissertation focuses on the cultural production and affective modernity of Hong Kong-based intellectuals and literati from the late Qing to the Republican era. Her current research interests include cultural history, fandom, popular culture and gender and sexualities in Hong Kong and among global Sinophone communities. She is also a cultural critic and writer. She is the recipient of the Award for Young Artist (Arts Criticism) of Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2018. Her creative works and articles can be seen in newspapers and magazines in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

2)Our Mountains and Our Rivers: Nature Through a Native Lens

Date: 21 September 2023 (Thur)
Time: 20:00 – 21:30
Venue: H6 CONET【Large Multi-Function Room BEF (G/F, The Center, 99 Queen’s Road Central)】
Fredie CHAN Ho Lun (Director, Rhymes of Shui Hau and The FIsherman’s Discourse)
MA Chi Hang (Director, Ballad on the Shore, Online Participation)
Daphne WONG (Director, Breathing Room)

Introductions on Moderator & Guests

Moderator: Fredie CHAN Ho Lun

Graduated from Cultural Studies (B.A. 2006) at Lingnan University and Film-Directing (M.A. 2022) at the University of Edinburgh, CHAN has been working as an independent documentary filmmaker and educator for 16 years. His films focus on global grassroots activism; his latest work The Dispute discovers a clash among local residents and international students over the massive housing shortage in Edinburgh Scotland. Through an empathetic and personal documentary lens, CHAN befriends 91-year-old Harry, a long-time resident and community councillor, and follows a group of grassroots housing advocates in order to understand the clash and today’s global housing crisis. In 2023, CHAN collaborated with US-based Digital Storytelling enterprise StoryCentre in New Mexico to develop his participatory filmmaking method. His forthcoming film education project The Elephant aims at facilitating tenants and students in Utrecht Netherlands to voice out their housing needs through documentary filmmaking.

Guest: MA Chi Hang

MA Chi Hang received his B.A. in Fine Arts and M.A. in Philosophy from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is a film director, video artist, and is also engaged in film criticism, education, curatorship, etc. His films concern humanity and the underprivileged. His debut feature-length documentary film, Ballad on the Shore (2017) received dual honours at the 16th Royal Anthropology Institute RAI Film Festival, U.K. as well as the Intangible Cultural Film Prize and Ethnomusicological Film Award (commendation). His RTHK-commissioned film Elephants not for Sale (2020) captured the interdependence of the mahout and the elephants. His latest work Chuen Kee Ferry (2021) recorded the final days of  the only ferry servicing between Lamma Island and the city before the storm.

Guest: Daphne WONG

Daphne WONG graduated from Falmouth University with a B.A. (Hons) in Marine and Natural History Photography. She is an award-winning wildlife photographer and filmmaker from Hong Kong committed to telling stories of natural wonders and their conservation. Produced by Radio Television Hong Kong, directed and filmed by WONG, Biodiversity in HK was Hong Kong’s first wildlife documentary series. In 2020, she co-founded Frigatefilms, Hong Kongs first natural history film production company, providing filmmaking and photography services to NGOs, corporations and educational institutions to deliver high-quality visual content for broadcast, including for BBCs Green Planet. She has also conducted ecotours and wildlife photography workshops to educate the younger generation on conservation and the natural world.


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