Review on International Pitching Forum 2023 回顧:國際提案大會2023

Date: 15th – 16th June, 2023

The 16 shortlisted projects for the second year’s International Pitching Forum had been grouped into 2 categories: 6 in the Work-in-Progress Projects (WIP) and 10 in the In-Development Projects (IDP).
The 6 shortlisted WIP film projects ranged from personal journeys of the minorities, the undercurrent about our city and self, a reflection about Cancel Culture under the #MeToo movement, the mutual accompaniment under defective physical condition, and how shall the semi-mature boy face a sudden farewell?
What’s more, switching between Fiction and Non-Fiction, the 10 shortlisted IDP film projects coincidentally come up with the topic around self-identity, home and family under such an irreversible environment yet diversified community on various ways of diaspora and social issues. Is dying or leaving a kind of relief? Or will it eventually come as rebirth? Each of them brought their unique interpretations during the International Pitching Forum!


入圍的6個製作中項目裏,由殘疾平權先鋒到受爭議性別學者的小眾人物紀錄;在時代轉變中,摯友各散東西的反思;至親身參與拍攝反思 #MeToo 及其所帶來的取消文化;透過故事探索身軀變形的靈魂互相救贖;半熟少年可以如何面對突如的其來離別?

Programme Summary: Eye Catcher Global 2023